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Nocturnal Sun


There, where the wind fades away

The sky waves its own branches

Retouching icy mornings

In the shades,

Blackbirds and pigeons flapping

And disturbing the sky.

I aimlessly wander through.


Every corner evokes

Spiral lines of perpetually

Ever written sonnets,

Unveiled brides

Blur the color lines

Upon vacant altars.

I become chrysalis

Under the chaos of progress.

I extend my hands

And find only emptiness.

Where do these streets lead me to?


I try to jump over my shadow,

Gradually move

From green to yellow…

Exorbitant looks

Lacking everything

And nothing at all.

In the swinging mist

Every step reflected upon

Its own reflection,

When the twilight expands

I force myself to take shortcuts

That lead me nowhere.


Broken hearts,

Moon’s usurped glow,

Yielding ghosts

To the impregnable shine

Of window cars.

Stillness moves,

Static seconds,

Silence declines,

I emigrate with no belongings;

Brittle and gloomy spectrum

De-kernelling good-byes.


My mind is on hold,

Stars cry about

Humidity’s shortage

And eclectic rains,

My voice drowns.

Blink away

The ethereal fire of my eyes,

I release myself from prejudice.


I release myself

From body and soul

As nocturnal sun

Amidst the desert.

© Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Translated By: Alaric Gutiérrez.




I built you up

From diaphanous drops

That clarify

The thin contour

Of the wind’s arms.


Those dancing

Upon my face,

Hold up and excuse

The rising of

Light stealth birds

On the horizon.


Sky wings bearing


Polyphonic aromas,

Diluting moist loams

In vetiver and bergamot,


Over your body’s drought.


I envision you

In my silent

Barren palms,

As drops upon my river;

Ecstatic the open sea


Flows against formed

Verbal tide,

In ivy language.


Warp naked

Fanciful voices,

Dawning deep

Inside my skin,


Desire’s opacity.


I built you up!

While it rains.

© Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Translated By: Alaric Gutiérrez.


Far Away Air


Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.

Dusty breeze undoing

Selfless prejudices,

Diaphanous sky

Of faraway shores.

Untellable words!

Sweet craving that leads

And mitigates nostalgia,

Drunkenness of the moment

Impossible fight

Bold and incandescent soul.

Every sound is a wonderful caress

Momentum, track and halo of a transient light.


Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.

I understand the instant is non-existing matter.

Burns like a wound inscribed within our consciousness,

Affliction goes away.

Full delight of interrogations and absences,

Depths and appearances;

Defining the earthly paradise hell

Of my own communion.


Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.

I learn to live

In the branches of a secret dream,

Of a fiery shade,

In the shortened line

Of abysmal dementia.

Choleric air of ephemeral tears

Shake up my roots.

Lewd whisper

Born from the body,

Proclaiming the cavity

Of long-gone solitudes.

© Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Translated By: Alaric Gutiérrez.




Dr. ALICIA MINJAREZ RAMÍREZ: Poet, translator, singer, university professor, radio and television broadcaster. She was born in Tijuana, Mexico. She is an internationally renowned writer, who has received numerous awards, including: Honoris Causa Doctorate awarded by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity in Morocco and A Thousand Minds for Mexico Association, 2020. Winner of the first place at the International Poetry Festival in Bulgaria, 2021. The EASAL Medal of the European Academy of Sciences and Letters 2018 in Paris, France. WNWU "Pride of the Globe" Award, Kazakhstan 2018. Cultural Ambassador at Inner Child Press International, United States, 2019. "Inspirational Universal Poet" Award, Pentasi B. World, India 2017. Special Mention and a Medal at the International Poetry Award NOSSIDE Italia 2016 and 2015, recognized by UNESCO, among others. She is the author, co-author and translator of 30 books of poetry. Her poems have been translated into 20 languages and published in more than 300 anthologies, magazines and international newspapers.

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