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O Lord, I cannot live on the land –

Let waves float me out over the sea.

Drinking foaming waves, I would soon

Turn into an Angel and fly away free!




In the city of the cruel,

There’s no value in endeavour.

I bury myself in thick white snow

To hide my heart forever.

But if I cower away from battle

Unnoticed and hard to see,

How can I then resent it

When fate’s unkind to me?


In my careless youth, I’d many a fault,

And made countless mistakes, of course.

Yet I am still a fiercely burning force,

And though I’m still far from my goal,

I’m a blue flashing, LIGHTNING BOLT!




My head is aching from this empty affair.

I am tired by words and words going nowhere.

I’m so distressed – stop haunting my dreams.

And I curse you for leaving me to despair.



It’s distressing for me that I’m held in disdain –

Love’s showing an ugly face now again.

And when I remember, I’m full of regret –

Hot bitterness swells and fills me with pain.




Now we are the casualties

Of shameless lies and slurs again.

Like a venomous snake, cold words

Wind and slither down our lane.


And now I’m lying in my grave –

He buried me before I was dead.

I am so hurt by this man of ice –

The man with who I shared my bed.


Josephine, you’re so receptive –

Like a mother you’ve been to me

You were sent by the Almighty

As my inseparable twin to be.





Let me sing, poets, let me sing,

And let your applause sweetly roll.

Today, flowers bloom in my heart –

White lilies, the queens of the soul.

For you, a garden’s unfurled,

And my lilies will cover the world.


Butterflies of gorgeous hues are dancing here before my eyes,

And as I write down every verse, it seems I am in paradise.

I have become Happiness’s choir.

Look at me, people, and admire!


Applaud me, cheer me, warmly praise me –

Help my inspiration raise me.

May in my words joy be revealed.

Dear folks, let yourselves be healed!





BERKINALIEVA SAGYNBUBU ABDUSAMATOVNA: (Kyrgyz Republic) Berkinalieva Sagynbүbү Abdysamatovna was born in 1974 in the village of Uzgurush in Talas region. Member of the National Writers’ Union of Kyrgyzstan, member of Eurasian Creative Guild, member of the Writers' Union of North America.  Head of the Kyrgyz branch of the Writers' Union of North America. Published works: 1) "Sheet covered with the dust" (Publishing house "Biyiktik" -2014). 2) "Girl dancing in the sky" (Publishing house "Great mountains" – 2019). Collection of poems, where were included Sagun’s Berkinalieva poems: "Dedication to Jolon", "Kyzdar ai", "Caravan of songs", "Dedication to the homeland". In 2016 she took part in the competition for young poets and won the Audience Award. Diploma winner for active participation in the competition of young poets "Mekenge taazim" and "Besh Akin" in 2017. Diploma winner of the Festival of Eurasian Week of Culture, which was held in Great Britain (London). In 2019 she had participated in an International Competition of Eurasian Creative Guild in Belgium (Brussels).  She won the first place in the nomination of poetry and was awarded the "Lyre" medal for the best female lyrics. In 2019 she was awarded "The Best Poet of the Year" in Kyrgyzstan according to the results of the republican newspaper “Erkin Too”. Recently was published a collection of poetry "Girl dancing in the sky" in English. (Britain Britain), the poems were translated by remarkable poet of England John Farndon. The publication took place thanks to a grant to the first place in the competition “Open Eurasia”.  She has got the highest award of the International Prize "Amber Nugget".  Laureate of the first prizes of the International Prize "Old Record" named after Leonid Utesov. Laureate of the International Literary Prize "Duke de Richelieu" (Pushkin and Gogol in Italy). In 2021, she was awarded the silver badge of the Writers' Union of North America and Marley. Academician and honorary worker of the Writers' Union of North America She has got the Grand Prize of the International competition named after Anna Snitkina Dostoevskaya, (SPSA). International Laureate of the Liftt Competition - 2021. Winner of the 1st degree diploma for the International Mark Twain Prize "Simpletons Abroad". Honorary Member of the Writers' Union of North America. Academician and honorary member of the Academy of Literature, Art and Communication. Academician of World Literature and Art (Marley) Laureate of the Petrarch International Literary Prize Laureate of the International Literary Prize Matsuo Base Honorary Member of the World International Chamber of Poets in Italy Laureate of the International Song Festival in Portugal


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