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There are birds without wings in the cages

Everyone listens to their songs

Songs of a stolen freedom

Everyone thinks it’s for happiness.


There is black ink in the drawers

Black ink on little hands

Brushes make shoes shine

Childish sadness is reflected in them.


There are angelic voices in the streets

Facing the misfortune of danger

To bring money home out of necessity

There is a punishment if you don’t have money.


There are screams that cannot be heard in the dark

They are from victims who were kidnapped

Destined for the worst fate of decay

For organs, for prostitution or for factories.


There are dry mouths and empty stomachs

Looking at the privilege of other children

Who play, who feed, who are loved

They cannot have it all in this inequality.


There is genocide for wealth and power

Machine guns and bombs are the music of fear

Who will hug the orphaned children?

Who will free the exploited children?


There are innocent beings and words

There are actions and prayers

There is empathy and evil

There is life and stolen innocence.


We must defend all the innocent

Those who lost humanity and childhood.


Your Freedom


You were struggling on the ground when the dogs were barking

You were fighting on the ground for your life

Challenging the pleasure-thirsty vipers

No villain takes over your freedom and your peace

Your repressed screams will be the hecatomb

That broke the windows with so much helplessness gathered

Because they are deaf by convenience.

You will break the silence to break the threads

You are unstoppable and powerful no one will break you

Just as you are a storm, few will see your rainbow

Let them fight with their gloomy shadows

Because she will be light and warrior on your path.

No matter how many misconceptions you think

They shoot to kill to have sense

But the wind will blow away all the trash

Many tongues will bite the soul

The dawn will dispel the darkness

Those sad eyes will shine like his smile

He will live for what he already died,

Will dance vibrating vital energy

Will become an unattainable little star

Because it will shine without inhibitions or evil

Like a lotus flower it will purify your being

Like a phoenix, it will rise from its ashes.

Everyone will see your beautiful freedom.




ANDREYNA HERRERA: She was born in – Bolivia. Professor and Graduate of Communication and Languages, Executive Secretary and Accounting Assistant. Writer, poet, literary and cultural manager, editor and artist. Currently it has 69 printed anthologies and 49 digital anthologies published, all published nationally and internationally such as: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia and Italy.

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