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Reflections Of Time


Smiles become sun-drenched memories

in frames standing still on a shelf.

We live our today’s, like never-endings.

As though tomorrows were paychecks

already cashed.

Our lives move quickly through the years

and we are halted by the reflections of time.


The Window Seat


I sit in the window seat,

trying to define myself.

My mind is cluttered,

yet the page remains empty.

Self-definition can almost be

too revealing.

Sometimes the mind accepts,

sometimes it rejects,

and oftentimes,

it just disregards.

Like most,

I am defined by experience,



I am a combination of personalities

and realities.

I am a searcher,

searching for the necessity of life.

I am a student of WHY.

I am a product of the past,

a wonderer of the present

and a dreamer of the future.

I am an infusion of knowledge,

emotion and strength.

I am moved by the creation around me,

empowered by those who came before me.

I am less than God,

created to be more than man.

I am a reaper of harvests

and sower of seeds.

I am worn,

but determined.

I am limp,

but still rising.

I am the face of one

but the reflection of a thousand generations

and yet, I am still being defined.


A Voice To The Voiceless


Have all the truths been told?

Have all the words of the struggle been written?

Martin has been to the mountaintop.

Langston told us what happens when a dream is deferred.

Have all the relevant words been written?

Ralph made us see the invisible man.

The phenomenal Maya told us why the caged bird sings.

As we ego tripped with Nikki, our eyes were watching God with


We took James by the hand to go tell it on the mountain.

What could I possibly add to a story that has already been told?

From Moses to Malachi, to Matthew and the revelation of John, our

story has already been recorded.

What more important words can I write, than those that give eternal life?

I am a sponge, soaking up the knowledge which has already been put on paper.

I am a student, learning from the masters.

And I am blessed to pick up the pen and continue the traditions of our great and prolific ancestors.

For as long as we live and struggle for what should be ours, we must continue to give a voice to the voiceless.




There are no new revelations.

There are no great resolutions;

Just the passage of time.

There are no great expectations.

No soul-searching reflection;

Just the passage of time.

Time for today.

Waiting for tomorrow

To become yesterday


Time to start.

Time to be.

Time to end.

Right now.

This day.

This hour.

This minute.

What was.

What is.

What will be.





LYRIS D. WALLACE is a Literary visionary and #1 Ranked Best Selling Amazon Author. Reared and raised in the South Suburbs outside Chicago. African American Literature influenced her writing and is one of her favorite genres. Lyris Wallace writes in the spirit of her past great Literary ancestors. 2023 garnered Lyris her very first literary nomination, Pushcart Nominee-Poem No Justice for Breonna, Published in Social Justice Inks Anthology. The Summer of 2022 Lyris was a contributing writer in the #1 Best Seller ranked Anthology “Not Just Anybody Can Be Dad.” Along with her sister, Chyrel J. Jackson, they published Mirrored Images and Different Sides of the Same Coin. This edgy writing duo appears in multiple published poetry Anthologies. You will find them always writing. Creating written legacies one book at a time. Lyris D. Wallace is one writer that has found her poetic voice.


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