Wednesday, March 1, 2017




In the middle of a bright day,
The white cloud dress in black:
Winds blowing with ray,
As tall trees bend not crack.
Little children running and singing,
Mothers sheltering their infants;
As storm arouse mightily stinging,
Pulling down young unsolid plants.
Pots and buckets gaze up,
To the sealed sky for water;
As pilots win vigilancy on top,
For the cloud is black of water.
Small birds chirping away,
Wandering rats run into hole,
Fleeding from being a prey,
To the water with bole.
Villagers running hether-skether,
Covering torned bamboo roof,
For earth is ready to host water,
From sky with a plain proof.


I stood steadfastly on a tower,
And beheld the world lower,
Behold the world is at war,
As I diligently plainly saw: .
The world is at a silent war,
No one observe the war,
For the war is like a pest,
That harm plants without post. .
The nations of many population,
With terrorist make not negotiation,
In spite of human precious blood,
Flowing on ground like flood. .
The nations without emergency,
Are suffering from insurgency,
That mercilessly waste soul,
With deadly weapon like fowl. .
The world nations are in danger,
Of fearless merciless avenger,
That take revenge of maltreatment,
And kill for their desire's fulfillment. .
The world is shaking in panic,
Having not to be strong tonic,
Popular nations are weaken,
For they the war have shaken. .


A sharp light lighten from west,
With a terrible fearful sound-
Threatening weak not to rest,
As strong-giants panic round; .
Playing children stumble and fall,
Roaring lions silent in fears,
For the sound humble the tall,
And merciless eyes invite tears; .
Fearful youth's heart shake,
Aged stagger and kiss floor,
As hypension's victim host stroke,
For the sound shake rich and poor. .
Oh terrible sound of thunder!
On weak sand you sound louder. .


ANTHONY AGBOYINU DONDO was born on the 19th of may, 1998 to an illiterate family in Idotun Village, Ipokia Local Govt. Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa. But learned how to write and speak English Language fluently in his tender age. He is a young writer, tand have written poems and a novel(unpublished). A renowned orator or presenter in his local Govt. and beyond, Has won many prizes at different literary competitions. 

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