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They warned against draught
But when that warning came
There was a load on ground
So we didn't think evil to good

They asked us to do something, we did
They told us to buy something of this land
And give it to someone (described)
We did every thing

Now it is time
Or what are we seeing
Thousands of twenties ave finished
Hundreds (of thirties) have vanished
How we then spent the amount is the thing we don't understand

We went and we are back
This thing was exhausted
What we said and saw
It's even going the more, that one too we don't understand

We have called home
Where we came from, where we said
If death spares you at home
It is difficult to die outside

Let us now listen to what they have to say
The warners of good and evil
When we are able to escape the home death
The journey is sure

Here I am, here I am
God in heaven, Father, the saviour
Show those you sent
What exactly went wrong
Why we don't understand the amount again

Won ni kasora fun oda
Sugbon igba ti ikilo yen wa
Eru n be nile
Nio je ki a robi rore

Won ni ki a se kini, a se
Won ni ki ara nkan ile yi
Ka gbe feni bayi
Gbogbo re pata lase

Asiko ti wa to
Abi ki la n ri
Egberun ogun ti tan
Ogorun ogbon ti wole
B'ase wa na iye, iyen ni kowa ye

A ti wa lo ati de
Araabi ti tan
Oun ti awi tari
Otun wa n losi ni, iyen gan ko tun ye

Ati wa pe ile
Ibi ta ti wa, ibi tawi lawi
Se bi iku ile ba danisi
Tode ko le pani

Je ki awa gbo oun ti won fe wi
Awon akilo ire ati ibi
Bi iku ile ba de, ti n ba rori ye
Ajo ti daju

Mo ti de, mo ti de
Olorun loke baba gbani gbani
Fi han awon ti o ran
Nkan gangan tode
Ti iye ko fi yeni mo


Committee committee
Can't you see life
I was not born here
Hustle brought me here
Little of what I saw
You better let me say
Salute to the crown on the head
The road is far, come and see what I have seen
I didn't do this
They said we should do another one
Making how many here
Salute to daylight, respect to fate
Salute to sunset, respect to fate
Salute to goodness, there is no evil here
Come and see what I saw again
How its all going to be
Fate knows but won't say
Committee committee
The Almighty brought me here
The One that saw it all before me
Help me fight the battle of destiny

Komiti komiti
E roju aye bi
Ibi ko ni won bi mi si
Laala atila lo gbemi debi
Die ninu  ti mo ri
Ejee je ki n wi
Iba ade ti o n be lori
Ona jin, ewa wo oun ti mo ri
Emi ko lose tibi
Won batun ni ki asemi
O di melo nibi
Iba oju ojo o, iba ori
Iba eyin orun, iba ori
Iba ire ni moju, ko sibi ni ibi
Ewa wo oun ti mo tun ri
Gbogbo bi yio se ri
Lori ti ri ti ko ni wi
Komiti komiti
Eleduwa lo sunmi debi
Oba toti ri kin to ri
Wa bami jagun ori


If I understood life, i'd have stopped contemplating
If man knew when he'll make it
he'd have desisted from running for wealthy future
If man knew when he'll die
and how many days he has left
he'd have been striving not to vanish completely
If man knew his journey of no return
he'd not die in time (live longer)
because on the day of woe, he won't walk
because he had seen

If I understood life, i'd have stopped stopped contemplating
If time saved me, I'd have stopped running helter skelter
If I knew life, I'd have stopped the quest
If man knew the way, he won't get lost

God, pronoune me successful
Whether I run or walk slowly
my path should just lead to success

Bi aye ba ye mi, n ba ti ye woye
Bi eda ba mo ojo ti yi o la,
eda o bati ye foni sare ola nitori ola
Bi eda ba mo ojo iku
ti o mo ojo ti o ku
eda o ba sise siseku
Bi eda ba mo ode aremabo
eda o bama ku boro
tori lojo ina eda o ni rina
nitoripe eda ti riran

Bi aye ba ye mi, n ba ti ye woye
Bi igba ba gbami, n ba ti ye sa gbami gbami
Bi mo ba maye, n ba ti ye waye
Bi eda ba mo ona ko ma ni sonu

Eledumare wa petemi ni ire
Bi mo ba sare tabi mo rin gbere
ki ona mi sati jasire


When you don't lie, you are not right.
When you feel shy, something is bad.
When you speak truth, you may not last.
When you feel good, you need keep mute.

When you you go on, you drop and pick things.
When you leave but can't return, you are not the first.
When you come from nowhere, the welcome is less.

When you are vague, you are cumbersome.
When you are clear, you you are strict.
When you make mistakes, you are foolish.
When you aim perfection, you are too far.
When you run, you are too fast.
When you walk, you are too slow.
When you are poor, you are stupid.
When you get rich, idiocy equates wisdom.

When you do things, there is a reason and/or meaning,
sometimes, somebody or some bodies read contrary cause and/or effect
and funny enough about life drama,
they are not always wrong.


Too much comedies,
countless tragedies,
tragecomdies and cometragedies
and what have we
in where have we;
genres of life drama,
not only of the play,
the one you read and watch.

In this case, everyone is a lead character
but not every one is aware of the story line.
The location is the largest possible,
the real universe in entirety.
The duration is forever,
it started from a time unknown
to end sometimes later.
The actors were there yesterday,
they find themselves here today
and would be somewhere tomorrow.

Funny motions and sad moments,
every type of every scene and every being.
The coverage is supernatural.
The primary director, the cause of the actions
remains as vague as the contents of destiny.
Actors set destinations
but the director's will is not always in line
and the route to the target is sometimes off track,
might even be opposite in direction.
The point of landing, duration of journey
and time of arrival are factors calling the action.

I wish to narrate also the end of the living drama
but it is an acute tragedy
in which all actors shall end in the show on set.


Life strife;
here, it's the academic banter;
somewhere, it's something better;
elsewhere, it's lesser;
whatever it is in wherever,
it about the first question to answer
i.e matters attached to survival
and the secondary turned primary thing,
extraordinary liberation from being weakling.
All of us, in the latter we sink
the more we struggle the deeper we go
yet Man won't just let go.
Life at heart as in world for man,
as in the former, target of survival
that is a natural owndom of all that lives
but in the latter,
the fervor for stupendous richdom,
the ardor for stour fame,
these, like wrapped weed at tranquillity
the greed in humanity flares the ends
and the smoke drifts towards infinity.


DAUDA ONAWOLA is a native of OFFA (a Yoruba speaking town), KWARA STATE, NIGERIA but he currently lives and study in SOKOTO STATE in the northern NIGERIA. He finished secondary school as a science student. He discovered his passion for word art in his last year in secondary school (2011), then, he started writing songs/raps and after eight silent tracks, his interest dwindled drastically and was revitalized in 2013. He writes majorly on the difference between the ancient societies and the modern world, hope for the ill-born and his ambient situation. He also has a deep affection for strange/weird natural things or events. His hobbies are travelling, chatting, reading and writing.

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