Wednesday, March 1, 2017




The stormy winds never cease to blow
The sea plays with his waves,
But never thinks to throw or let them go

The sea is an endless story
A story of how your mind
And your heart can be free
Despite the size of limitations
Despite the uncountable conditions
Despite your life’s positions

From the sea you can see
Many rays standing up readily
While others standing up harshly
Their destination’s look is toward
the warmth of the sun
To the moon and stars and how they have fun

The sights spread here and there
A foot in cold, a foot in heat
The sea keeps our secrets
And never cheats, never cheats..

You go and to the sea you return
It’s an eternal school from which
We  learnt, we learn and will learn...
That’s the sea ...


You are there behind the moon’s light
Your love shines from there and brightens my sight
I want hold your love’s rays to me, so tight
I want drink from your tenderness, day and night
Could you let my lips  kiss your caring heart ?
Could the long miles be melt to not let us apart ?
Could the lost dream be able to have a new start ?
My patience in your love’s road  crossed  impossiblities
Waiting for your pure love
that could cure my heart sweet desease.


Could night take off its darkness ?
Could heart take off its tenderness ?
Could each tear take off its sadness ?
Could the logic take off its seriousness ?
Could the moon take off its brightness ?
Could the smile adopt the tear ?
Could the tear hold happiness
For dancing together far from sadness ?
Tears live in the eyes
But smiles are more powerful
They could fly and hover with wings of hope
Till reaching the seventh skies
to open new hapiness files
Where the strong love hidden inside
pushes tears to smile..


NASSIRA  NEZZAR , english language teacher ..She has one book published entitled Familiar strangers Adam and Aisha ...had participated in two international anthologies. She  adores writing since she was young ...She writes poetry, proverbs, stories... Country Of Origin : Algeria  Mother Language :Arabic Nationality: Algerian  Place Of Living : Guelma 

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