Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Africa-home to Nile-
earth’s longest river,
second largest landmass
after Asia;
a centrally located
geo-political confine
nestled by four
continental waters:
Mediterranean Sea,
Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean,
and Red Sea.

Africa-a home to
1.2 billion people-
most racially
diversified continent in
the universe,
an abode to one-sixth of
world’s population.

Africa-the land of ancient
kingdoms and empires-
some that survived to this day,
land of Pharaohs, mummies,

Africa home to multiple and
varied geographical features:
Sahara and Kalahari Deserts,
the open grassland of
Horn of Africa to the
Eastern corridor
with wonderful elevations.

Africa-home to extraordinary
biomes of highlands, un-equal valleys,
deep-inch tropical rainforest,
and natural zoological
the Safari-overland journey-of
game viewing from the great
East to Southern Africa,
world largest wildlife reserve.

In west or sunset are
eye-catching landmarks-
buildings, ancient cities and
towns-Ile-Ife, Benin, Gao, and
with relics and institutions-the
Sankore University.

In east is Ethiopia-
the land of Sheba-
a continuously inhabited land
of over five millennia;
in the central is the second
largest rain forest on earth-
home to eleven countries of
multiple nationalities.

In her are natural phenomenal,
which predates Christianity
that made Africa a unique continent,
in Africa is Egypt-first world power-
source of human civilization.

In Africa were kingdoms and empires
victim-land to several world powers,
later European laboratory to
experiment colonialism,
epicenter of trans-Atlantic-slavery,
land shared and apportioned by
non-natives for centuries.

The land that sustained Greece,
built Rome, created wealth for
European lords for centuries,
her wealth other people
shared and looted,
her strength non-Africans
maximized to build their
her lands and resources
they took away from her
by force.

Her sons and daughters,
ferried across Sahara Desert
and Atlantic Ocean to serve in
unknown lands;
land Christendom and Islam
fought to control its soul,
land of un-ending wailing.

Her breasts-source of un-ending
her womb-life that sustained
many for centuries,
Africa-hand that baked cakes
for many to eat for centuries,
her back-crèche that carried
several people across rivers,
streams at no cost.

Her pains-joy and happiness-
it became for many,
her wailings, like tambourine
it served to others,
her discomfort gave
comfort to others.


Everything in her
serve the good in others,
her daily activities promote
joy and happiness of fellow

Early in the morning,
her concern is her
throughout the day,
her interest is about
home front’s welfare

At night she takes stock
of services rendered,
her mind she turns to
super intelligent calculator
that take all details of daily

Her heart-inner room-
becomes a spread on mat
for everyone to lie,
her abode she makes
public square and courtyard,
the temple everyone visits.

Her milk-literal and
she gives to everyone
as nourishment;
her breasts the apple
non-seasonal fruit
every living dine on,
yet never run out.

Same breasts-her soul mate-
upon sighting or touching
elicit joy no money can buy.

Her tummy-the palace-
beyond description,
a multi-purpose mansion
every soul will hire for
nine months.

Her specially designed
through it seed of
life is planted,
by means of it same life
is delivered.

Her back the eternal abaft
that carries and supports
load of life.

Her legs mobile wheel and
the vehicle of life,
her hands-she use to
feed the nation-
same hands are the
repository for the
codes of love.

Her tongue-where wisdom-
her mouth-bedrock of
smiles with potential to
stop a war,
nuclear arsenal
can’t accomplish.

Smiles that define love and
explain love,
smiles that cement love,
smiles the gateway to peace.

Woman-symbolic tree of life,
multi-purpose-palm tree-
that gives what no other
trees have.

Woman-in you life resides,
woman-through you
life is nurtured,
by means of you-life is
sustained, preserved, and

You are more than gold,
you are more than silver,
you are more than copper,
you are more than diamond,
yes-you are more than emerald.

Woman-the symbol of LIFE.


From inner room to
open field,
from kitchen countertop
to office desk,
her travails remain the same.

Everyday she tells stories
that draws tears from hearers’
unceasingly, stories that elicit
sympathy-she relates to her
beyond description account
on inhuman treatment never
run out from her mouth.

Unending pains and sorrows
from society created and
sustained evil-
violence against women-
dossier she keeps;
her take home is violence,
her companion is aggression and

Every direction she turns
violence envelops her,
every community-she resides-
cruelty and savagery-
gifts she receives.

Everywhere she lives-
conservative, liberal, strictly and
non-religious, close, open,
traditional or dotcom society,
she lives, grows, and dies in

At home-punching bag-
she has become in the
hand of uncultured man,
she is before a

Rape she suffers continually
from abusers-mostly known-
incest-her captor-subject her
just as society blames and
condemns her for the evils
that befall her.

Violence against her has no
violence against her has no
insofar she is biologically
identified as a woman and
distinctively feminine,
cycle of society prepared
abuse, she undergoes.

Physically-she is tortured,
sexually-she is assaulted,
molested, and violated,
emotionally a she is injured
and damaged,
economically-she is denied
empowerment, made a pauper
to be dependent on
man in perpetuity

Unfriendly custom and practices-
honor killing, dowry violence,
mob violence are her share
and inheritance;
disadvantageous position
such as pre-natal sex selection
abortion, female infanticide-
she finds herself in most
societies of homo sapiens.

Her biologically configuration
mankind keeps exploiting for
economic gains,
her sexuality-good for nothing-
son-of-Adam turns to
automated teller machine.

Her womanhood,
mankind has turned immoral,
desecrated, and profaned;
her rights-inalienable and
constitutionally grantee,
continuously come under 
attack by hostage takers,
forced  displacement,
systemic rapists, sex slave
and forced pregnancyagents

Will all men and women of
goodwill around the globe
keep quiet for these evils to
How long will our daughters,
wives, sisters, nieces, mothers
be viewed from binocular lens
different from their males

This is the time to
Declare War on
Violence against Women;
Let “Peace on earth
and good will to men”
applies to Women.


Speak your mind,
tell your story, and
write your history;
turn your blood to
ink of life,
through your stylus indite. 

Make your blood write 
that you may live,
let your fountain pen remain
eternal companion,
make it talk in your behalf;
your Dip and Ballpoint pens-
sink in your blood-
paint them red
to give messages of life.

Turn Roller Ball, Fiber Tip, and
Gel Ink pens to coding agents
of society’s DNA and RNA,
today’s  events let the pens
code with your blood-
let the blood replicate,
clone, and reproduce
today for your tomorrow.

Put red cells
to work-
hire them to
carry your sayings to
desired destinations,
white cells-please-
train to defend you against
evils in the society,
platelets-instruct to shut down
traitors’ mouth, and plasma
teach to draw you to people
of like minds.

Whatever is your genotype,
whatever is your rhesus,
it makes no difference,
make out of your blood;
put your blood to work
to perpetuate real and
historic lives through

Even in death,
people will say
your blood had spoken,
your blood had made history,
your had won battle of life,
your blood had created imperishable


In her tummy,
I lain for three hundred days,
a single, but multi-purpose  room;
there I slept and played
there I ate and bathed.

A blanket that warmed me in winter
the linen that refreshed me
 in the summer,
a protective cover of all
times and seasons
from harm and disease.
A gymnasium of every sort-
where I ran and skipped,
where I relaxed 
when wanted and desired.
Where I changed body position,
whenever necessary.

Her discomfort was my comfort,
her varied and numerous pains 
gave way to my happiness  and
joy within.
Her groaning, I care less to know,
her overweight, the load I passed
over to her,
her edema, my waste she carried.

Her arms my couch and
sofa of three years,
her breasts,
my never-run-out-food-pantry;
her legs spinning chairs
that always put me to sleep.

Her laps I bed wet for years,
her clothes I turned to diapers
to hold my waste;
her head-tie I used
as handkerchief 
to clean my face.
Her back-a mobile crèche
without equal,
her mouth-the lullaby
devoid of musical instruments,
unbeatable by any
world class musician.

My cries she understands,
my pain, she bears and soothes,
my joy, we both share-
when I smile, she laughs.

My concern her concern,
My emotions, she reads easily,
My feelings, she interprets with

Her name I knew before other names,
her voice, I recognized with distinction,
her face, the first image ever recorded
in mind.

When I play she responds
modest, yet very inviting were
her challenges for my growth and
out of love,
she challenged
me to begin
the walk of life by steps.

Challenged me to crawl by
throwing dice at me,
tasked me to stand up
raising objects
atop of me;
tasked me to walk
by holding my hands,
taught me how to run
by running with me.

From her I learned
first lesson of life,
all-round teacher in
those formative years;
all-time companion,
who does not abandon
even in tough times.

The inner room counsellor-
who assures, supports, and defends;
shall I forget you,
even with a few failings
and noticeable errors?

Never! Never!!Never!!!
May you continue to live,
let your pride of motherhood
manifest to ALL.


1 comment :

  1. What to speak

    What to complain?
    And how to remain
    Unconcerned for her plight
    Even if we are right

    She has no roof
    And wants no proffer
    For our behavior
    Even to the cost of her honor

    She has stood her ground
    And no proof is found
    For her sacrifice
    That was commitment and promise

    Nothing deterred
    When she murmured
    About harassment
    And male treatment

    She was still mother
    And no other could match her
    She was special creation of creator
    In the form of sister, mother and care taker