Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Scream for war as men are born
Shout for peace as wives fall asleep
Suffering will be
A battlefield for the children to inherit.
Let those who remain
hold fast their swords
Let those who march
clench tight their shields
but my hands are weary to fight this war
A war whose faceless foe I care to question
A battle between men
yet women draw the plans for war
Teach me a lesson for the distance of life

As my friends fall to the noise of war
Tell me why blood soaks not these streets?
In the thick of the jungle they claim to fight
yet no one trembles in fear.
The proud and arrogant are first to fall
The ones once glorified are soon shunned with age
So if I’m to wage war teach me how to fight
Educate me so I too may survive

I who dares to question if nothing is true
I who cares to understand what is permitted
Should all creation seek to follow,
which liar is then deemed wise?
In the teachings of a father
help me gain understanding
In the nurturing  of a mother
Educate me to heed knowledge.

With birth pangs men gain life
With the last breath mothers give life
So breathe again ye orphan battling life
Hold fast a pen sharper than a sword
Clench from within the pages the shield of knowledge
Life is a battle not often won by might
A civil war between friends
A coalition between oil and water
Fighting to excel from your mistakes
So if I’m to succeed teach me how to chase success
Educate me so I may achieve my dreams.....


Tip-toe in darkness.
On stilts of pain,
I escape the tears
Tip-toe by daylight.
In trenches of sorrow,
I conceal the grief

You call it hope
Well I question the heavens.
You call it faith
When will my hands touch the horizon?
If you tell me to trust
Why does the leaf fall?
Tell me more about dawn
At midnight by candle light.

Tell me about pain
Why does it seem to tickle?
Tell me about nightmares
Then what is reality?
Humbly i count my blessings,
Soon I’m comfortable sifting dung
In my part I prayed
Yet I feel betrayed.
My knees got painful
At midnight by candle light


It's time I held my breath
It's time I pulled my hair
It's time I closed my eyes
Sitting where the walls dread to be smooth
Sitting with my gaze where the candle glows low
I sit cornered by the darkness of truth

It's time I held my breath
holding back my love for your presence
It's time I pulled my hair
lest my hands reach out and pull you closer
It's time I closed my eyes
and dreamt of loving you
Even where the walls dread to be smooth
I'll caress the creases till we sail so smooth
Even where the candle glows low
I’ll cuddle and be your warmth
I sit in darkness cornered by truth
I can't get out coz this isn’t true 

I'm holding my breath
because each breath will make her stay
I'm pulling my hair
better it be if I had never pulled her soul
With my eyes closed
I dread nightmares of breaking her heart
So I gaze where the candle glows low
thinking of how best to let her go
Not all walls were built to be smooth
friendship maybe but not my love for you
Cornered by the darkness of truth
tell me what runs between me and you

I whispered on a Monday
Not to touch her skin on a Tuesday
I had her smiling by Wednesday
To hold back the tears on Thursday
If she confesses love on Friday
I'm sorry; I can't build on a Saturday
Forgive me as I repent on Sunday
I promise not to do it again on Monday


DR TAPIWA ASHLEY MAWERE: In the Professional world Ashley Mawere is presented as a doctor who at the dawn of each day awakens in the hopes of being someone’s hero dressed with a stethoscope instead of the old fashioned cape. When the covers are rolled back and his layers exposed, we meet an individual who has walked various paths in his life. With a history in dancing , sport and high adrenaline activities , we see the essence of what inspires his poetry. He writes to relate , to walk in the shoes of others and to see the world from a unique perspective. He is of Zimbabwean origin and there he was born and bred. Fluent in Shona and English, he also has some understanding of other languages such as French and Zulu. Guided by  few words he believes in Truth , Ambition , Entity , Purpose and Standard as being the core principles that lead him down a path of honour and respect which he strives to share.


  1. This is classical. A great read. Mrs Haukozi would be proud

    1. hahhaha she still holds a vendetta for me dropping out of her literature class

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