Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Sir! Did you see me?
My nerves are screaming.
I am drowning in their hysteria.
Can't hear a bit, what are you saying,
Speak a little louder -
Loud like a town-crier.
My hearing is boycotted -
The yelling, the screaming, and complaints
Of mankind was too much - too much sound pollution,
So I asked my physician to have them grounded.
I am a half dead man -
Leaning on both sides of a fence,
Deaf in my mind,
Blind in my senses.
Oh no! Good sir, don't kick my ass,
I am in search of myself,
So i am asking if you saw
The part of me that was lost,
Lost a couple of years ago.
In the Congo, or was it Afghanistan?
I am lost and am widening my searchlights, sir,
Too many indifference, so, i had wanted to loss it,
So am asking sir, if you saw me after the bomb blast
In Gwagwalada. I lost some parts of me there.
Don't talk to me about that,
Else you rouse the demons of my raging sea within.
Sir, there are so many hurts in my mind,
You can't hold it in case you are keeping it, sir.
The memories it holds are gruesome sir:
Like an accident scene. Its been tortured too long sir,
Its like a glass, it breaks easily,
Please, let it not litter your smiles,
How thoughtful of you it would be sir
Wait a sec. don't i know you from the
Arab spring in Egypt?


Drowning in a cup of ale,
I grovel, float, kick - a flotsam
Shadow boxing into blind light -
A grinning mouth in a cup of ale
Choking in a din, inordinate, garrison of
Brutal wisdom, pressing down
Humiliating, tossed me about -
Buried in unsavoury stench of the world
A horizon Fluctuating, falling backward and forward
I moved on, a portmanteau of a loser
A fool's grin, fighting lifeless,
haggler, a game of chess, gambler,
Senile, dejected, an abdicating king
Losing all arduous realm
Fighting harder, retreat is a curse, clueless
Knocking breathes together, a lone pouncer
Out of the atlas of the world
Felt for the pulse of the earth
A stupid physician, a solution,wrongly administered
To a revving heart, running out of life, rose dead
Like a Chinese machine
You were there when the world was falling...


Drop me;
On the watermelons;
Of dreamy soils.
Sweep me off to a purple Haven;
Of fulcrum skies:
With the soft spoken berries;
Of the wild.
And when it is time,
Hold me tight;
Whilst I disintegrate.
Stepping down:
To harvest your smiles.

EDDIE AWUSI is a Nigerian writer of Isoko extraction. He graduated from delta state university, Abraka in 2007, where, he got a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literary studies. He believes in the universality of Arts and global citizenship of the creative and imaginative Artist.

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