Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Forget the pains
The stains
And the hunger
Give me your hand, and
I shall hold you well
I shall nutrify your heart and make you hale again.

Forget the tears
The sears
And the throes
Give me your hand, and
I shall gild you with love
I shall rekindle your dreams and make you whole again.
Just give me your hand….


I’m shaded in grey, not
With the colors of the rainbow
Not with a pinch of love
Nor a breath of joy
But with pain, that overflows it bank
You need not look deep to see my sadness, for
It well scripted on me like a rose in autumn.


No more kisses…
No more hugs...
Pack your bags and let me be.
Let me be in my own new world, where
I would see loneliness as my dearest friend and embrace
silence as my admirer.
For you're far from the man I once knew;
the man that would ease my pain
and tend to my worries,
the man that would comfort me and
kiss me to sweet dreams.
Pride has really changed you, and
you now see yourself as the brightest star in the sky.
Young man… let me be!
*** ***

Let me be!
I need your sunshine no more.
I cherish your smiles no more.
Carry your bags and hit the door, even
if it with a bang, I care less.
For Your lips are now laced with lies,
Your heart is now filled with pretence,
And your ways are far from my desires.
You're surely not the man I once knew
No more kisses...
No more love....


You called me a lair, for
I said I could heal your broken heart and mend your fractured soul.
You called me a voyeur, for
I said I could paint your inner thought and color your withering dreams.
You called a sorcerer, for
I said I could touch the sky and rekindle your faltering star.
O, dear!
Question not my spirit, for
It swells with believe.

Amazing woman

Amazing woman!
Out of emptiness,
she knitted joy
from her broken heart
and painted death
with the colors of the


Of what substance were you made?
A fearless frame in the salient line of battle
Led the way from irking darkness
Though death besieged, less she cared
Willth to seize her breathe for thee
“Save thy child’’, she said
As she holled to give her all
And to reveal heaven’s joy

Of what substance were you made?
That me liveth in thee, and now in thy caring arms
Arms, lined with tenderness and affection
Not do I speak, not do I talk
Tears, tears me shed
But thou knew all I seek
Joy, from thy gilded breasts
Days, nights I called
Days, nights thou answered
Dancing when no music plays
Joking when I understand not
All, to date a grin on my novel face
A grin thou did cherish more than a thousand –shinning- stars

Of what substance were you made?
That thou discount much thyself to tend to me
Treading through ills to guide me right
Even in straitened circumstances
Thou held me tight
Thou held me well
Never to see me lost nor foiled
O Mama! A thousand appreciations shall cry foul
For thy love, care and trust remain unrivaled
For thee, I pray
For thee, I joy
And to thee, I forever owe.
Thank you Mama


Let me beam my spotlight on you
Let me speak of your beauty, in
Soaring rhymes and gilded rhapsody
Let me sketch you, with
Crystal verses of love and lines of litheness
Let me in, in into your heart
To trace every element of your body, and
Naked your forms with vivid words of passion
And sheaves of lust

Let me glorify your essence, like
The mountains so high, and
The valleys so low
Let me silent your pains, and
Garnish your smiles
Let me caress you, with
Roses and soulful songs of affection
For every inch of you is beauty
Every inch of you is… poetry.


Glorious was the day the earth laid eyes upon him
A boy of royal lineage
Born to the aureole of waiting hands
Hands of gold and royalty
His name echoes far and beyond
Piecing walls to reach imaginary land
Whilst fetching smiles that has long been harvested

A fauntleroy in spirited visage
Simple and gentle in ways
Strong and firm in believe
Trouble betide him not, for
He drinks and swims in the sea of joy
Joy, that exceeds mother’s hug
A fountain of pride to his phratry
A rainbow of hope to his ménage
Soft, comely and dearie

Flowers blossom in his presence
Birds tweet to his name
Rivers swells to his touch
Heaven smiles at him, for
He stands all for kindness
Speak loud on equality
And Held love in high esteem

He is the heir
He is the light…
The light from irking darkness
He is the joy
The joy that annihilate sadness, for
He did instill hope to the hopeless
Voice to the voiceless, and
Strength to the strengthless

And come sunrise
The air shall be new
The clouds shall be embroidered
The earth shall be decked
The calves shall be slaughtered, and
The vineyard emptied, unto barrels
All out for pleasure
Smiles and laughter shall echoes wildly
With songs and drums of royalty
Cajoling graceful bodies to sway to graceful tunes
Cos., It’s a new birth
A new era –an era of adulthood
Where he (Solonius) shall sit on raised cushion, with
Maidens of big and lofty eyes
Attired in that, that defines a queen
And with the crown of sovereignty, he
Shall be enthroned…
Enthroned to fulfill the dreams of his fathers
And to lead the multitude -anew
Anew, to better days…
Days, they’ve long awaited
Days they’ve long cherished
And soon, all shall wine
All shall dine, and
All shall hail,


SOLOH AINA: With the pen name "Soloh".  Aina Oluwasegun Yakub is a published poet from western Nigeria, who weaves emotions into verses and paint imaginations with runes.

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