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Do unto us, your daughters
What God did for you!
He declares
He who finds a wife,
Finds a good thing and
Obtains favor from God.
When you were given your wife,
Our Father in heaven
Gladly blessed her eternally

As your daughters,
Invest time in us;
By giving us your love unconditionally
As our Heavenly Father
has shown you.

We are the “Apple of His eyes
Fearfully and wonderfully made”
Drawn with his “loving-kindness”

So, lead us at first,
By declaring your care over us
By decreeing your love over us,
As protection from the enemy’s lust, disguised as love;
So, that we may walk uprightly
in the sight of God.

As the Father leads you,
So, you lead us in the
Ways that are honorable and right.

You are, Men of Honor!
Called to lead and protect.
Called to love and provide.
Called to stand out, not to blend in!
So, that we can mirror
God’s image in you,
For His glory alone

Fathers, you are our second love
After Christ,
Teach us the right ways ahead,
before any man tries to steal our hearts in the future.
So, that we bring you honor
And give God the glory.

Man of Honor,
Walk in your calling,
So, I can walk in mine
And reach my full destiny
to give God the glory
in all I do.

Inspired by 2 Peter 1:12-15

I was never my father’s child.
Only my mother’s, it seemed!
As though that is what God intended for a family
to look like and be!

The one blessed with children,
Would not take his place,
nor fulfill his promises
of love and grace
of the marriage.

Letting children grow up fatherless,
devoid of a father’s love
that so often strengthens the core of the soul,
affirms one’s identity
and creates the roots of one’s existence.

My mother also my father,
How could this be?
When God clearly bonded each one in love?

But thank God for men
whose hearts he’s changed!
Thank God for my Uncles
and their reverence of the Lord!

For their love covered wounds
left by father’s abandonment and rejection.
the burden left on mother’s shoulders.

Names she’s been called
Labels given too!
All for the sake of her children,
Uncles, you covered her too!

For God,
Your plans are of good all the time.

Uncles are God’s messengers of hope;
For each opened a door in their heart’s
for all of us.
A legacy of love,
that has shaped my heart today.

You lived your lives
with acceptance of all
and covered us with your embrace and love;
A reflection of Jesus,
I witnessed in You and I have come to understand
You were the “light at the end of the tunnel” for us.

Death might have stolen You too soon,
but you stored up heavenly treasures.

Even then, the legacy of love You left behind,
continues to crown me as a light and a beloved child of the Most High God.
Thank God for You, all.

Dedicated to my late Uncles Samuel and Mabe


I have drawn you with loving kindness,
Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you
I declare you my Righteousness through Christ
The Handiwork of my hand, prepared before time

I am mindful of you and care about you, oh Daughter of Man!
I have crowned you with glory and honor from my throne
I will rejoice over you with singing,
I will give you beauty for ashes in your life
Just cast your cares upon me
And my peace will guard your heart and mind

Know that I have loved you with an everlasting love
Understand I will never leave you nor forsake you

Daughter of my Grace, be set free today
As I have forgiven you through Christ, abide in me
And forgive others
Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world
So let my light rise within you and let not darkness consume you

For I know the plans I have for you,
My plans of blessings and liberty
All found in self-love
Just be still
And see the glory revealed
For your latter will be greater
So be still and know that “I am God”.

MARY AONGO is a Ugandan born and currently living in the USA.  She comes from a large family of seven. She was raised by a single mother who has been a strength and source of inspiration to her. She recently published a collection of poems titled Healing Songs 2015. This poetic declaration details her life struggles with sexual assault, rejection, and abandonment. Above all she gives God the glory for redeeming, forgiving, healing and restoring her. Her hope for all those who have faced personal attacks as her, she encourages taking steps for your soul's healing through forgiveness of self. Find the courage to speak up because there's power in your voice and your story. Know that God's perfect work will come to pass through your story. She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of California San Diego and is working on her MA in Biblical Counseling.

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