Wednesday, March 1, 2017




I meant not to quiescent myself
I was waiting by the frigorific rivers
Contemplating the cold colours
All of the clouds gathered and raged
Till the pain was numbed
The curtains fell and everyone evanesced
I was left with a diaphanous tear gliding along
On stage I was left
With a rose I thought would be


To depart
To depart with the colours of dead foliage
And never return
To depart with the last ink drop, the last word, the last letter, the last breath of a quiescented moribund
Before dawn appears
Clad in genial and jovial rays
I pine for departure
The call of the void
An unfathomable antidote
My beloved
Winter is to nestle inside me and chirp


A frigorific devoid
Fragrant with all the fumes of unalloyed and unfathomable diaphanous glee
I caught a mirage of you
In between
The two trains of the bygone and the days to come
I laughed and wept
I yearned for
And loathed
The bygone
And clouds thwarted the apricity of the wintery sun
Then faded away
How I wished to disperse

Poem 4
Like I have never loved
And never beheld
The dewdrops leggiadrous on petals
Of full-blooming roses
Like I have never
Contemplated the dawn on a wintery day
And the mist and cloud phalerating it
Not tarnishing its splendor
Unawake, I
The faintly fragrant sillage woke me
Like a numinous train with its sounds and smells
It traversed me
Only the sillage left
Only the sillage

ILHEM ISSAOUI is a 24 year-old Tunisian MA Student, translator, editor, and poetry and short stories writer. some of her poems and short stories have appeared both online and in print in magazines including Three line poetry, Salis Online Magazine, Mind Magazine, Mad Swirl ,Jaffatelaqlam ,Danse Macabre,Iodine Poetry Journal ...
She is also the author of a collection of poems entitled Fragments of a Wounded Soul published in the U.S, and has received a prize in creative writing (Canada Toronto).  She currently holds the position of a translator and editor at an international company in the domain of Medical Tourism and has over two years of professional experience.

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