Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Many people think we have bald head
That our skull is arid land,
But many hair pregnant under our skin

Some heads above our roof try to crave our destiny in their pouch
Squeeze it to crumble in their belly,
But our fate is sun rays that cannot be thwarted

Some friends from next wall plot to break our joints
Storm our stomach with their roaring morsels,
But our ribs impinge on their forces

We have heard priest’s prophesies for our dooms
Omen from our deeds,
But blind he is to vision our death

We rile against bedeviling dearth
That our hunger is to swallow famine
Our pain has beckoned to gains!

Our kwashiorkor eco-no-my
Is only svelte,
All is just fast for our growth

Our note may be the bum abroad,
All is just to furnish seat for goods at home
Now priceless the pride

We may be stunted by height,
But the tallest ones never reach the sky
To be taller is to be closer to heaven

Flame in the fine palace
Heralds paradise to the king
After wreck-there is rapid rise

Now fate auctioneers should know
That a new dawn has been anointed
For new days to come
Merchants of Death
Merchants of death successfully traded with our lives
And bagged home the profit of doom
Fetching their thrills from tributaries of our tears
There in their pouch, the stranded peace
Thrived in the basket of rift
Allying with eyebrow of the sky
To hoard the goods of peace in arsenal of chaos.
Yet we bargained our souls with the risk of cleft
And bought home the peppery morsels of bombs.

Vanishing the pen in our hearts!
Lynching the glow of our sun!


the milk
of our mother’s breasts

the hand
to beat
our chest

Strangers here at home,

Natives there in exile…


The time, first, to glow in the city
The time, first, to be stranded
The time, first, to be rich
The time, first, to strive

The stinking wealth, Lagos, the mother
The pearly penury, Eko , the eyesore
Influx the poor, influx the rich

Oh! The sky-licking skyscraper of Islands
Stirred the hope, repelled the despair

Ah! The oozing sore of pungent ghetto
Lagged the Lagos, thwarted the growth

Hmm.., dinning in the mind:
Mesmerizing, the glittering nymphs;
Appetizing, the garlic of the kitchen,

Fiercely the roads, friendly the looks
Shocked and soaked
In the labyrinths of roads

In the shell of loss,
I lured, the courage, to lick the omellete
Of timid-less
Lest straddle the stranger
With dazzling minds

Departure to Lagos
Arrival, the hope and despair.


OLANIYI ABDULWAHEED: He studied English language at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is the former Electronic Manager II and former Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Association of Nigerian Authors, Osun State Chapter, OAU Branch. While in office he was one of the facilitators of Prof. Gbemisola deoti’s Inter-University Prize for Poetry organised by ANA Osun-OAU in 2015. His pen name is PENMIND. He is the Editor-in-Chief of his blog, PENMIND MEDIA AND CREATIVITY at

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