Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Raised by the Ten Commandments,
Holy is her body covered in psalms,
And her intentions are moulded by proverbs,
Blessed are her lips only kissed the bible,
                                      Her best insults are the ones rejuvenating life.                                                                           

She only gives birth to bible verses,
Walk so tall when she steps on curses,
Her language is inspirational quotes,
Perhaps it’s time for many to take some notes,
If there are elections to enter to heaven, she has my vote.

Oh man! She’s a treasure to keep,
Joyful tears to weep,
An ideal part of life not to skip,
I am falling for her and I can tell I am falling so deep.


Ngibelethwa imbokodo,
Umfazi wezandla eziqinileko ezibamba kuqine,
Lapha indlala iveza imphanga ibhoka,
Uvele ayibambe nges’bhukwini,
Abambe kutjho kuqina imisipha,

Akhe nanyana kubhirika.
Ngibelethwa ikutana yomfazi,
Eyathi nayibelethako kwaba lithabo lodwa,
Ngombana abanamehlo babona ithando nehlonipho ebulungwe kimi,
Ngithi ngizikhambela laphaya abafazi benze isibonelo esihle,

Ngombana babona ngikhuliswe ngesandla esihle.
Ngibelethwa ingelozi imbala,
Othi nakaveza lemhlathini kuthokze izulu,
Kubezinyembezi zethabo ubone ngokuna kwezulu,
Ngibelethwa ngumma wezandla ezifudumeleko,

Othi lapho abambe khona kubaleke ilothe.
Ngiyazikhakhazisa ngomma ongibelethako,
Ngiyazikhakhazisa ngekutuna ehlangana nenkutana,
Ngizikhakhazisa ngomma odlale indima kababa,
Yena angasingubaba kodwana angumma.


My dearest Adam,
I was thinking of you when I wrote this piece of expression,
After all we’ve been through I know it’s hard to give best impression,
If I were to take back the hands of time I would do so,
But they wouldn’t be that long to reach the best time we had together,

Under the beautiful trees of a garden called Eden,
Listening to the melodies of beautiful birds,
Comforting my beaten heart with your beautiful words,
Your present meant heaven to me,
I still long for those awesome days God delivered me to you,

It was a prestigious moment every woman could dream off.
I don’t know how Satan painted my tongue to be deceiving,
But I still thank God for you as a gift worth receiving,
Though I’ve taken the forbidden fruit,
I still see you as an apple of my eye which shouldn’t be hidden,

God made our hearts to pump at the very same time,
It’s crystal clear that you are all mine.
I swear by the moon and the stars above,
Through thick and thin I will offer you love.
I am also sorry for being the cause of our punishment,

But it worked on our favour as well
cause I will be yours till death do us apart.
Yours only extraordinary rib


Love is a precious gift coming from God,
Love is a strong feeling which cannot be hidden,
Love is a desire which cannot be resisted,
Love is a strange heart which many never thought existed,
Love is true all the times and it cannot be twisted.
Love is happiness buried in our hearts,
Love is real it can never be stunts,
Love is a warming distress,
Always there for you whenever you are in a mess,
Love is divine which you cannot undermine,
Love is tears of joy for a friend’s achievement,
Love is your good deeds after they have wronged you,
Love is God’s heart,
That forgives your wickedness
And accept you like you never sin from the start.
Love shouldn’t hurt,
Cause love is almighty God in you.


PATRICK THULANI SKOSANA is a male poet from South Africa. His mother language is Ndebele, and his nationality is black. As we speak he lives in a small town called Middelburg in Mpumalanga province and when he is not there, he is at a city of Gauteng province called Johannesburg studying psychology at the University of Johannesburg. He granted us a permission to publish his poems so that they can be read by those who want to feed their poetical minds. These poems have not been published elsewhere.

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