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She stood still, a preacher in the night of light
A believer, leading in faith and hope rebound
The cold pieced, a memory to behold
You would tell her Old testament through her Lamentations
No one new her yearn for a new testament
No man was willing to hear her Genesis
But they journeyed, victims of her Exodus.
She told of the Saint Judges
Who would rather the speck in her eye
And forget the grave behind their own
Everyone sins, she said
We only sin differently
That was right!
I was only a passerby, guilty as charged
With an ear to lend, free the charge
She was a harlot preacher.
Days had shown her nights
Nights she said came with light
She danced all night to the tune of men
Gave all night, she called it sacrifice
That was her work
She understood the gospel though
Because her face was full of Proverbs
She only played Tax Collector
And collected from the burning loins
Her due, her pay!
It was getting deep in the night
I took out my note
She was willing for me to cast my vote
But the ballot had seen days unforgiving
She was willing, a leader of a journey beneath
I judged not
Just like corruption, let's stone the bribed
And kill the briber
She pulled me in
But I found myself out
Out of the sermon, of the harlot preacher!


If Heaven Had A Window then I would peep
I remember the day you left
That dawn you walked away with the promise not to return
And my heart felt the theft
I cried when they said you had passed away
I cried because without you I couldn't pass a day
How I teared and blamed life
If I was given a chance, just one more time to say I love you
Just to hug you one last time and watch you disappear
But you are gone, you left me so alone,
If only Heaven Had a window!
I wish I could lean on memories
But they come and only play memories
Sometimes tears dry and I wish for more
I just wish I could have a last view of you
Enjoy that jelly laughter
And those tears that came before mine
See just one more time that promising innocent smile
Have a view of those hazel eyes
Part you one more time to wish you good night
And put off the lights
I wish, I cry, I....
If only heaven had a window!
The sun still sets and I peep
The moon comes but not like the one you had
The stars shine, but not like those I used to see in your eyes
I look at those pictures with you and wish we could just pose one more time
The road still quiet and I look through it expecting you to show up again
I open the door so you would knock one more time and say you are home
I look at my phone and miss your calls
I wish you would ask me just one more time of how am faring
I cry, tears, I..
If only heaven had a window.
And so I pray that you journey well
Say hey to those with you
I wish I could forget, but every time I do, I remember
May your soul see peace
Until again we meet
I cry, I tear, I....
If only heaven had a window!


I was wrong to let my heart out
She smiled obsessive and held my heart in debt
I peeped from my drunkard self opting for more
Because her beautiful eyes pieced through me
And I felt the itches, the skies disappeared
Too aware of the angel that had just appeared
I was wrong anyway.
Her eyes were bright, I just wished I could look through them
She wanted a man, God fearing
And that day, I still was drunk
She wanted a man, a gentleman, a man of decency
Forgive my innocent slippers, they played shoes that day
I promised to change, join her in church
Sing along in the choir
Attract decency, and jungle still in the bones of flesh
This I did, I did
I was wrong anyway.
Believe me you, if you wore my shoes
You could have taken the same path I took
Believe me you, if I lend you my eyes
You could have seen the same dream
This girl was beautiful, her bible always at hand
Her smile... Attracted the Nile
I was ready to walk a mile
I forgot my bottle, My beer
And when my mother called, I said home I was coming soon
And this time around, not alone...
I was wrong anyway.
I changed
I did, I changed
I loved shoes, I did ties
Sunday meetings, brothers and sisters in the Lord
Better a sheep that was lost
And now sees the light, they preached on
I was the sheep
For love, for this girl, for...
I was wrong anyway.
My friends I casted no more
She became the director of my own script
And casted the Lord in my life
Was ready to take her home
To walk a distance with her
To catch a grenade for her
To be her shoulder in days of pity
To be her light, her everything, her life
To....... To...
I was wrong anyway.
She was in the street that day
Dress hanging loosely ready for the tussle
Breasts eating the breeze
Her thighs eloped to the greedy world
Her lips painted
Her expression arousing and guilty as charged
That was what she did
She saw me and called "Charles"
Her tears won't let her
I thought I was the king of her Kingdom
I was wrong
I was a slave in a kingdom I thought mine
I walked away!
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