Wednesday, March 1, 2017




The Sahara Suns burns intensely
With such a sad madness gravity
Turning brown earth
Into a dirty dusty bath
The gales in rounds rows growls
Gusty gusts swirls in brutal brawls

The dry Harmattans blows
And steals with it our earth
The humid Monsoons flows
And takes with our breath
The thirsty Trade winds lows
And walks with us to her hearth

O God! Divine Master of our gone
What wrong have we done?
The sky has shut her womb
This sun daily sends us to tomb
Her riotous rays allover comb
Burning out life faster than blasting bomb

Thaai! Mulungu, Ngai wa Agu na Agu!
Is it for the Mûgumo we cut down?
To pave way for ‘economic’ infrastructures
Is for the tunnels of death-severe structures
That are channeling all of River Mathioya!
Taking away all her tributaries to their obituaries
In disguise of feeding the City’s future
With the recess that's lost to the oceans

Is it for the forests we have slayed?
To put up palaces and mansions-big bungalows
For titles and status in the sick society
Is it for the tributary channels we grabbed?
The riparian beds and paths we stole?
To pave way for the great gated communities
And spectacular skyrocketing apartments

Is it for the cheap China dumping wastes?
We imported in the affordable plastics and polythene
And threw away haphazardly anywhere
Degrading the beauty of our surroundings
Chocking and clogging everything
That has angered you Mother Earth!

God, our forefathers used to feed on Manna
Wild honey pregnant from hollow trees
Wild food pregnant from our fertile earth
There were potatoes and sweet potatoes
Cassavas and yams; arrowroots and cocoa yams
All rich from our generously gestating earth
Traditional medicine was available and affordable
From plenty of medicinal plants-barks, roots and leaves

Berries and cherries were many in bushes
In the surrounding fields, forests and shrubs
Greens and veggies freely grew from the weeds and seeds
By roadsides Stinging-nettles bred abundantly for the landless
Different Fruits were plenty-in season all year round
Where did all this bounty go?
Is it with the introduction of the GMOs?

Tata Nyasaye! Sahara is sick
Ee Mulungu! We are weak
Pestilence in us severely sticks
Sucking us stealthily like ticks
Soon we will all sadly sink
Soon we will go and stink
Quick in just a single wink
We will flash in an eyes blink

There are no bien Benguela anymore
There are no perennial, extant equatorials anymore
There are no treasured, torrential tropicals anymore
Kalhari is conquering, Chalbi is cheering, Dakar is deserting
Thirsty deserted Namib- extinction is swiftly encroaching
The severe Sossusvlei dry dunes are quickly approaching
Africa is drying, Sahara is sinking, she is last blinking
O! Land of plenty and beauty is rapidly dying!


Black Woman! Where begets your beauty?
Yet, a flower flourishing alone, in the wild wilderness
Black Woman! Where begets your pretty?

She is gold, ebony coated
She is gem, cocoa roasted
She is precious, Black Woman!

She is marble, gravel of granite
She is pebbles, pellets of poverty
She is diamonds, ore of Kimberly!

She is a flower, flourishing free and wild
She is a rose, humble though with thorns
She is Black Woman, what a woman!

She is yellow sun, scion of sweltering Savanna sadness
She is golden moon, offspring of shimmering night-emptiness
She is silver of stars’ sequins, Black Woman!

She is splendour of the sky, crayons of coal
She is grandeur of the galaxy, dazzle of diamonds in black night-Black Woman!
She is majesty of the universe, sparkle of silver in light-a magnificent woman!

She is sparkle of seas, spills of oil
She is radiance of oceans, paints of tar
She is resilience of River Nile, Black Woman!

She is darling of morning, sister of night
She is tranquil of eventide, distant relative of light
She is twilight twinkle before night, Black Woman!

She is peace of the night, daughter of black light
She is quietude of calmness, sister of blankness
She is symphony of silence, Black Woman!

Black Woman! Where begets your beauty?
Flower without follower, garden without guardian
Farm without farmer, coffer without custodian
Orchard without attendant, winery without brewery
Black women where cometh from your pretty?


Where goes the soul
After its existence extinguishes
Agu never told us of the punishment
To where goes the soul
After its earthly banishment
Where lives the spirit
After its body perishes
Me, us this verily astonishes

Does the soul forever wanders?
Waiting for its beloved long laid to wake-
A shred of clean-licked disjointed bones
As Missionary’s insights gave:
“The soul goes to Nyene, Mwenenyaga
While the body here decays!’
Are souls wandering wanderers, I wonders!

Do souls flow like blows?
Like spirit of God flowing, filling the earth
I am constantly confused as the religion refused
For catechism and traditions conflicts
I am told Agu practices were troubled taboos
That litters the soul as flies’ spoils what perfumes oils

The Pale Man with a Missionary cloth and a big book in hand
Viciously said: Agu practices were witchcraft sacrifices to gone evils
Agu stood his ground they were offerings to Ngai his people’s God
Yet the same catechism taught of Abraham and Abel, Samueli and Eli
Of Israelites and Levites, of Elijah and Elisha-prophets and priests
Offering burnt sacrifices on rocks raised altars to God of their gone
God of Isaac, God of Jacob and God of Abraham-God of their forefathers
What is it now I am to believe-traditions or religions?

If I lose traditions I become a slave:
If I lose religion I become a pagan!
My Missionary’s religions hated my African traditions
My African traditions rejected my Missionary’s religions
Where is light-right about my soul?

Is my soul a wandering wonderer?
With no hope or faith to hold: with no home to patch and settle
To where goeth thee soul after sorrows settles on it?
Does it blink and blow to purgatory to its polite chastisement
Or does it sink slow to Sheol to beget its pagan perpetual punishment!

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Country of origin-Kenya.
Mother language-Gìkùyù.
Residence-Nairobi, Kenya.

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