Wednesday, March 1, 2017



From the other side of the sea
I came to see where they gather
At the shore of the largesse
Singing the lullaby of a dying nation.
It was there at the other side of the sea
The vultures hovering the carcass
Of a dying nation
They gather with gusto and strength
Feasting over the carcass of a dying
With their long beaks and talons
Tearing away her glee and singing
The lullaby of a dying nation
Feast and feast fiercely for tomorrow is dead
It was at the other side of the sea
I came to see where they gather
Feasting and singing the lullaby of a
Dying nation
Leaving behind the fetid entrails of a dead nation
As tears continue to smile in the eyes that saw her grieving glee.

Upon a nice mid-harmattan day
She came to me with the scent of
Amaka a girl from Amatta
Dark as night, skin smiles like the oceans
By her mirrors, the Gods must be black
She speaks of sunken treasure like no
other woman
The cartography of her importance is
drawn in the stars.
Her smile of gold calls out the joy of
The sun stands in awe by the
Phenomenal of her womanly art
With great gratification your heart now
sits on Solomon sky.
Her love exuberant making every
Moment memorable
This lady stirs you from every direction
Your blood ripples to her flirtatious
Her eyes influence you, raped every
Infinite lust, pulled by the mystic magic of
moon light
Falling flowers of forgetfulness, when
Lost in her touch
She bears, she breathes in ways you
can't oppose.
Her words easily enfold around your
In a gaiety of trust, her silky lips make
Another kiss
Like a pattern, you gabble and salivate
.........striding all over yourself
You are naught more than a fool in love
Trusting and keeping faith in every juicy
Word spoken by her lip.
This lady is a pure hell
But the only way to go to heaven.

Tears walked with me in a gladsome night
And I lost her in the bright morning light.
I know it was Him who made me walked that way
Where tears on dark paths fall yesterday.
God knows how to place his own on a test of faith
So they may come out as snow to ply his gate.
Now my soul has found peace and mourning gone
Only joy does shine inside like the soft noonday sun.
I bid farewell to despair and long dark fears
As I walk no longer the valley of tears.
Shock and grief give their last farewell
For with the Lord on my side it is well.

EKEAKU UCHECHI MATHIAS JUNIOR,  popularly known as Uche Poet on Facebook and other social media is a young man of many talents. A graduate of English and Literature from University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN).A writer of many poems and an author of yet to be published scintillating poetry book titled "Songs of Silence". Uche Poet hails from Amatta, in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. He is a young man of high intellectual idea and he reputed among his folks to be the next Shakespeare of Africa. He won the best poet award in ikeduru in 2012 and best young poem writer in Nigeria Delta in 2014.Uche Poet is a member of Alvan Writers Association and also a member of young Nigerian Poets Union.


  1. Good job .man, opportunity will find you someday

  2. A master class if it's own..I will like a copy of lullaby of a Nation