Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Watch my Strides
See my Pouts
It's not Shakara
It's not GraGra
I be Lady.

Lift what? no please it's too heavy
Wash what? no please we have not marry
It's not GraGra
It's not Shakara
I be Lady.

I beg your Pardon
Come again....
Yes Please
It's GraGra
It's not Shakara
I be Lady.

It's not GraGra
It's not Shakara
I be African Woman
I be Lady .


She is far more precious than Jewels
She is Gracious, She Gets Honour
She is Beautiful, Plain, Call it what You may in Appearance
She Leads.

She Opens Her Hand To the Poor
She reaches out her hands to the needy
Strength & dignity are her clothing
She laughs at the time to come
She is not contentious and vexing
She does not send her man to the roof corner
She Leads.

She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness
She does not eat the bread of idleness
She is not quarellsome and fretful
She Leads.

Serious, not slanderous, sober, faithful in all things
Submissive to her husband as He is to her
She fears the lord so,
She Leads.

She could be the total opposite of all that has been written
She could be nothing near to all that is expected
She chooses to live constructively not destructively
Bone Of His Bone, Flesh Of His Flesh - Woman.
 He Lives, so She LEADS


Don’t touch them while I sleep
I feel your hands tremble as they draw near
Don’t touch them while I sleep
Is it fear that shakes you or for love you swear

My Diamonds
What is this tension I feel on them
Why do they sweat in response to your chase
You have not paid the price yet
Why then do you drive them into a craze

Do not touch them while I sleep
While I am awake do you fear that I would reject your hands
Why come like a thief in the night unwanted alarming me
Please do not touch them while I sleep

Do the right thing dear
Ask me for them don’t swear
While the sun is out and I am awake
If you are right , that which you seek to take I will let you break

Do not touch my Diamonds while I sleep
Do not sweat my Diamonds in your chase
Do not try to take what does not belong to you yet
Dear ask me for my Diamonds for you I might let them break

Do not awaken my Diamonds in the middle of the night
Please Do not touch my Diamonds while I sleep
I might let them melt in your arms between my thighs
Do not touch my Diamonds while I sleep love.

MUNACHIM CHUKWUMA is a young passionate Lady born in September 1996 . A creative writer, musician and most of all an exceptional Business Magnate. She is an aspiring Presidential candidate as Nigeria’s female president in about two decades.

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