Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Incomplete without you
We both share wordens four
Prototype of rival foe
In a quest who become the major four

In a game of chess
The board pound heart with cardiac unrest
Seeking how to erased one chest
In a sweater vest
Knowingly stress gym best

Proven mortals wrong
Only one overshadowed the rest
And love put to test
As suckers love hate

Always in a protest
Of who to win the contest
Archifoe in a royal rumble
But though love overshadowed hate

In this we must reside in love gate
Knowingly the universe fate
Will come like an insightful date
Without segregation neither rate
©® Martin Ijir 2017


Shouting of unheard voice
Profound fecundation
Of yearly foundation
Haters of humanity

Instigate a civil strife
Causing lives properties thrive
For years barren for day
For road to destruction is narrow

And quick leaving home
Families and land deserted
Like the unification of the Jews
And the bomb acrylic crystals anew

Aglow in planetarium
Distortion it is disaster day
Famine like Malthusian's theory
Curbing the world be with inhumane treatment

So Darwinian full with smiles
But the plane measurement is Cartesians miles
For I chose the left plane
Mine pen mensurate

I am not barren
like Sarah my words multiplied
Scorching sun to make bedeviled heart plied
With sermons of a demeanor poet

Who sought for peace
In the world torn in piece
So extremophile
Be erased in the heart of hatist
©® Martin Ijir 2017


She wraps me
Abounding sympathetically
With devouring hypothetically
Tussle of quest

Where whistling rust of leaves
Turns dryish yellow
Mapping borders across below
Ushering taming low

Across globe
Tranquility foliage
Lies even though her tentacles
Blink foilage

We bind to create receptacles
Of broken heart spectacles
So mirrored a tainted generation
To address ways to gain a brood foliage

That covers our hatred nudity
So we embraced our tranquility
With much ado taste of unity
Letting go our long history of diversity

MARTIN IJIR was born in Nigeria in 1992. He obtained his Nigeria Certificate of Education from Hill College of Education, Akwanga and a certificate course at United State Institute of Peace. Currently, he is a part time teacher at Lead way Academy and a staff of United Africa States. He resides at Abuja Nigeria.

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