Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Heavy storms on a lonely quiet evening,
Disturbing a fragile peace we've had since this morning,
Endless curse ramping the already devastated village,
When would you let us rebuild and cure from your damage?

Women and children are left in total obscurity,
War chiefs, victim of their own cupidity,
Are the new kings of a deeply broken society?
Would we ever stop and start healing our humanity?

Tomorrow would be great said the politician,
But how? if everyone is dying in the Mediterranean,
They said very soon we'll be a developed country,
But how? If today our children leave like poultry?

Miles away from home I heard many stories,
They say really soon home won't be home anymore,
Wars and mismanagement have destroyed families,
Masses enslaved, all is just back as it was before.

But why trying to win the world when you've failed yourself?
How gods can save a country that doesn't exist in the first place?
We've done so bad the mother land,
Let's all unity and make this story stand,

A story inspired by Lumumba,
Narrated by Sankara,
A story made of years of history,
A story of stories made with victory.


All Truths are temporary,
Until the next truth come along,
Every fight we lost as days goes on,
Has in it a tiny portion of victory,
Because you wouldn’t always win,
Understand that fake fish can also swim,

Sometimes believing hard isn’t enough,
To keep alive things that never started,
You can decide to sink, and trash your health
But the fate will remain unchanged,
Because you can fight to found a new stream,
Don’t be boded that fake fish can actually swim,

They say time is the perfect healer,
It will show who was fake and real,
You cannot make tomorrow happen today,
Yesterday is gone; you have to learn every day,
Forget fake people and always follow your dream
And don't be shocked that fake fish can actually swim.


Sometimes you fight for people,
Who will never fight for you,
It's not their fault neither yours,
That is simply the way it is,

I made a choice to not choose,
But that's because I chose you already,
You don't need to choose me as well,
But please don't tell me you don't Know,

Don't tell me the only thing you know,
Is that you know nothing,
Because before Love, I loved you already,
After Love, I will still be loving you,

You don't have to love back,
Just don't tell me you don't know,
I met love by loving you,
That's already Enough for me.


AIMÉ MATAMBA CIBAMBA, I'm a 29 years old Civil Engineer. I do write as hobby and have published twice so far. Both my books are available on all Amazone platform, the first one is available only in French and the second one in English. I have 3 books in the Pipeline coming, both are written in French. I'm currently busy translating one in English, it will hopefully be ready next year. I have changed my signing name to Matamba Lukasu, you can found more details at I'm originally from DR Congo [ My Nationality is Congolese] , but I live in Cape town at the moment.

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