Monday, May 1, 2017




I have seen
Eyes and eyes
But not a single pair of eyes
Has so much in it

The eyes
That can never see me
Sad and gloomy
Melancholic and apathetic

The eyes
That can ever see anything
Wrong and ugly in me
And never cherishes something
More beautiful and enchanting

A contented pair of eyes
That never fancies
Anything for itself
Never complains and desires
For it opens and closes
And sees the world
Through me and me only

It is an ocean
Of love and sacrifice
The more
I dive into it
The more
I loose myself
And become one with it.
copyright@smrutiranjan 25.5 2015


Listen to the symphony
It is raining and raining
In the distant forest
Hear the music of life
Never stay in the past
And live in the present

Look at the orchid
In the terrace
Dancing and dancing
In anticipation
Of something to come by

The coll breeze
Is coming across
Signalling the arrival
Of monsoon in your life
Be ready to greet it
With all your heart

Rain is coming
With all its colours
It will rain and rain
For it has not rained
Since long

Smell the flavor
Of moist soil and
Dance in the pears of shower
Leave the past in oblivion
And have the present
Which is all ours
copyright@smrutiranjan 27.5.2015


Give me the smile
I will return you
The moments
Once you cherished
And  longed for

Give me the touch
I will take you
To that land of wonders
Where you will find non
But me and me only

Give me that feeling
I will give wings
To the dreams
Once you dreamt
But remained unrealised

Get up
Never say
Gone are the days
Never say
It is all over
Or else
We will miss the bus
Once again

You have it in you
I have it in me
Let us search for
That lost paradise
And look at life
Through a pair of
Young eyes

copyright@smruti ranjan
SMRUTI RANJAN MOHANTY: Son of Raj Kishore Mohanty and Santilata Mohanty was born on 1st January, 1963 at Padmapur, Jagatsinghtpur, Odisha. His father was a versatile poet and he inherited the legacy of writing poetry from him. His articles are published in a various international journals and magazines. He writes poems, short stories and essays in English and odia. His poems published under the title of "A Look At Life", "Something I Look At", "Think Once More" and "Aou Thare" are extremely popular across the world. An internationally acclaimed poet, he writes extensively on life, it's beauty and intricacies. An intense lover of life and nature. He is extremely popular on social media and in the literary world.

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