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Who is this comely cavalier coming from that thought drink?
Why his garments stained in bleeding black and colored ink?
Who might be this horse rider robed in paper, silk and parchment?
How fast is he surging forward in the glittering of word mount?

See his stallion performing the heroics of ancient iamb, trochee and anapest!
What dactyls, spondee, pyrrhic, paean, tetrabrach, dispondee and epitrite it exhibit!
What cadence, what rhythm, what tones of level, rising, departing and entering!
Hark! Behold its isochrony, intonation, syllable stress, mora and tonal changing!
Ha ha! Harken its soul stirring sweet strophe, antistrophe and epode!
What a figure, what a speech of neigh and irony, what a metaphorical similitude!

Behold! The horse rider in divine white linen is a faithful and a true gentleman!
Amuses muses he with his anachronisms, and famous for onomatopoeic sermon!
He owns the world of words and horde of adjectives and phonaesthetics a ton!
He is clothed with a vesture dipped in pun and his name is called the word of man!

The rider and his horse cross the dead valley with a huge army of scribes and scribblers,
They fight the false prophets and the beast of corruption with words and letters!
Out of the rider’s mouth go sharp words that smite the illiteracy of the nations at a go!
He put the ills of the worlds to his words of swords, and promises peace and prosperity glow!


That's the problem! Married with literature for a long time and you are still not fertile,
You are welcome dear friend! We will give you some trips how to fall on your fancy tile!
If you are on any poetry control pills, needles or any other stoppers stop them for a while!
Please throw away that cigarette, it may look macho or gaucho but it is dangerous and vile!

You need vitamins B C E along with M, yes vitamin Money is the most essential one!
Fill your think pen with serene health and maintain ideal word weight in proper tone!
Visit your doctor in the writer's corner, let no red bulls or vodka in your bed zone open !
Go for decaf, know your cycle and moods to plan the perfect union of paper and pen!

Count the days back if the idea is highly scintillating for about sixteen days,
And have the love poem written within five days dear! you are hot with cherubic rays,
Once the poem of love is completed, relax! Look at the moon, the twinkling little star babies,
See the new star in the East door, just after nine months you shall be singing nice lullabies!

If you speak of ideas some die instantly, some gets aborted, some gets delivered premature!
When an idea is cared and nourished properly it will be the greatest gift from the Mother Nature!

( Mind you! Every birth is associated with near death experience to the mother or poet but it is the nature's blossom,
When the child like a poem is alive and kicking the mother forgets all her pains and hugs the child to her bosom!)


When a child is born, the Oubangui people plant a tree
When it flowers, the child is married; he or she grows with glee
After his death his soul lives in that tree happy and free;

From the Primitive milky Sea, emerged seven jewels, after churning,
One is the wish fulfilling tree- Kalpavriksha with roots of gold, Silver midriff, Lapis lazulli boughs, Coral leaves, Pearl flower, gemstone buds, diamond fruit.

When Andhaka demon spread darkness all over the world
Lord Siva and Parvati gave their daughter Aranyaki, the protector of forests
To Kalpavriksha, to bring up her with health, happiness, safety and wisdom

In the garden of Eden God planted among many trees, a tree of Life,
A forbidden tree with fruits of knowledge of good and evil to Adam and Eve;

Under the Norway Birch tree, light becomes shade
But under Yggdrasil tree, Axis Mundi, Odin gained wisdom in lieu of one eye

When the great peacemaker formed the Iroquois confederacy,
Inspired the warriors to bury their weapons under the white pine tree of Peace

Under the Banyan tree, grass doesn’t grow
But under Bodhi tree, Buddha got enlightenment and glow.

Under the Palmyra tree, milk looks like toddy
But under the China Bamboo tree, monks got Zen way and paddy

Under the Tamarind tree, the breeze sounds eerie
But under the Peepal or banyan tree sound sleep comes free

The Whispering Oak of Dodona, the sacred Sycamore groves,
Mandara, harichandana, parijata, samtanaka, kalpavriksha trees
a locus amoenus- a pleasure place for the tree nymphs

The Sal tree of Jina; An inverted tree of Bhagavad Gita, the song of God;
Another inverted in tree in our bodies to purify our breath and blood
The mysterious five world trees of Kabbalah, the trees of senses of Nassenes

The tree of Zaqqum of Hell, the Nariphon tree of Thailand
The human face fruit of Jinmenju tree that falls flat with human laugh
The Lotus tree of Greeks, The jubokko tree of Japan,

The sky-high trees of Hungary, the four hundred feet high Sequoia-Hyperion
A hundred meter high mountain ash tree, the broadest Montezuma cypress,
A five thousand years old Great Basin bristlecone pine tree in California

All these trees what do they tell? Without us you are void and null!
We are your food and shelter; O Modern man! So save us to save yourself!
Lest you will be a fossil and no more story or moral to tell!


Dr. LANKA SIVA RAMA PRASAD  ( Dr. LSr Prasad) is a Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon by profession, a popular author of many books and essays. He is a cartoonist, painter, critic, Editor  and orator par excellence. His knowledge in Telugu and English earned him name. He has translated Homer’s Iliad, Odyssey first time in to Telugu Literature. In that series of Greek literature- Epic cycle and Greek Heroes came as the third book. His other notable translations in to Telugu are John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained; John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress; Virgil’s Aeneid; Dante’s Divine Comedy. Goethe’s Faust.  Rumi’s Masnavi; Attar’s – Birds conference;  Omar Khayyam’s- Rubaiyat. He was assigned the job of translating selected classic poems of Telugu literature by C.P. Brown’s Acadamy which was published as Telugu songs and poems. Katthi anchu pai- is a collection of noir genre stories. Now his published books have crossed the prestigious hundred land-mark. Most of his books are reference books in literature. His 106th book- the poems of Sappho was released in Athens, 107th book- Journey to Manas sarovar was released at the holy premises of Manas Sarovar lake. His 108th book – The Mexican Poetry- (telugu) , Inanna the first goddess and other books are due for release. He is the recipient of  Rauel International poet Award-2017, T.S Eliot 2017 award, Global poet Award- 2017-CANADA-WIN, Life time achievement award-2017, Kibatek medal-2017 and many more honors. He was the host and sponsor of PENTASI-B  INDIA WORLD POETREE FESTIVAL- October 2017

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