Monday, January 1, 2018




Not so long ago,
I found myself hurting
in every way a body can hurt.
Mind, body and soul.
Wishing to crawl out of my own skin.
I laid my weary head down,
knowing sleep could not come
through the pain.
I reached out for you
with every ounce of energy
I had left in my soul.
Even though we are no longer
under the same moon.
You above the heavens.
Me upon the earth.
I needed you again.
I fought through the fog
of my brain
to picture your face.
The piercing sky blue in your eyes.
Then, with every cell of my being,
reached out to you,
until I felt you there with me.
Somehow, heart to heart again,
I drifted away to warm dreams
I had to reach beyond the moon for you...
And you were there.
Love can do that.


While looking in the newspaper,
at the wedding anniversaries...
50 and 60 years of wedded bliss.
I am filled with awe at the beauty.
Filled too with some deep sadness,
that I will never have such a photo.
Sometimes shown beside the anniversary image,
is the photo of the young bride and groom.
His radiant "Juliet", Her handsome, "Romeo".
After the sacred vows,
"Richer or poorer, better or worse,
until death to you part".
Children add to their joy, then grandchildren.
Together, shared love and life.
Together, years of tears shed, ecstatic joys, bitter arguments, loss and pain.
The man and wife are truly "one".
So much so, that after 50 years as man and wife,
they even look alike. Perplexed Scientists study this phenomena.
The answer is same food, shared emotions, shared everything.
Only God knows.
Simple, two hearts have become as one.
Just as they promised on their wedding day.
One Heart.
So intertwined are they, that when one passes away,
the other follows...sometimes within hours.
With half of their heart missing,
they simply cannot go on.
They literally die from a broken heart.
This, my friend, is what we all long for...
An ethereal flame of truth.
A “soul communion”.


It pulled deep in him,
as well as I.
Just to be in the same room,
was to "breathe".
Embraces too long to be "friendly".
Our gaze too intense to be "looking".
We denied being consumed by the fire,
though accused by many to be guilty of sin.
It burned only in our souls.
But my God is a jealous God.
He took you away.
He knew, I would even give my own life for you.
This was not written in our stars.
They fell before wishes were made.
Ashes to ashes.
I pray my own shall fall next to yours...


BARBARA SUEN is from Mishawaka, Indiana. USA.  Her poems have appeared in several Anthologies, "Potpourri Vol 2", "Dandelion In A Vase Of Red Roses", "I Have A Name", "Where Are You From", "Apple Fruits Of An Old Oak",  "Women Poets: Within And Beyond. The Shore- Vol. 2".  Several Poems posted in "Soul Fountain" magazine, and a very special poem published in "The Storyteller" magazine.   Barbara's career in writing began 33 years ago, when she began journalling with the birth of her first daughter....and never stopped.  Her passion is prose poetry. She enjoys meeting other Poets from all over the globe through online poetry sites. I, Barbara Suen, give "Our Poetry Archives" permission to to publish 3 of my copyrighted poems; “When I Reached for You”, “One Heart”,  and “All Consuming” in "Romantic Poetry, Special Addition”. With all rights reverting back to the author.


  1. I concur with author Deborah Brooks Langford about author Barbara Suen's poetry being outstanding! I'm a huge fan of Suen's prolific prose because her minds eye views poetry in the reach of the bigger picture. Thank you Barbara Suen for sharing your gift across the globe. Pittsburgh author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).