Monday, January 1, 2018




I sat, I was hurt and in tears
I was immersed in the deadly anguish
which was screaming in my heart
death has become our daily bread

bomb explosions
screams of raped women
begging children

assassins with extraordinary barbarity
crossed the threshold of madness with nothing incomparable
fear of death will not leave us anymore
who would not feel pain looking at his mother
who is going through the death of his son
who can refrain from crying
for this unfortunate creature
it's only a ten-year-old child
this is my son who could save the world

and now I'm lonely
I  am petrified because of pain
and still crying
I want to have him again with me
I am contemporary Niobe
mother of all killed sons
you will also be afraid to see
your beloved dead
or mutilated by a bomb
one day
the sword will pierce your soul too

Note: Niobe, daughter of Tantal, king of Thebes and wife of Amfion, mother of 7 sons killed by Apollo and 7 daughters killed by Artemis, broken by pain, she was turned into stone by the gods.
Mater Dolorosa in Latin it literally means Mother of Sorrows.


the wall is just ... just ...
facing you and it has a closed window
on the right there is photo of your mother as a young girl
with a look and smile of a startled doe
which resembles our daughter's smile so much

on the windowsill there are flowers and a statuette of elf bought in Ireland
it was our honeymoon and you woke me up with kisses
it seemed that we were beginning a journey of life holding hands

it's clear that the wall is there, it exists like me
sometimes you will stop with a blind sight
but I have a heart that has never stopped to loving you

do not pretend that nothing has happened,
do not ignore me in this way
kill this silence before it finishes us
it is a silence that has a magnetically destructive power
and a beam of radiation suppressing every sound

get angry ... raise your voice…cry ... cry
I am here, in front of you,
How can you not hear me?
Look into my eyes, you do not see me,
honey, you do not see me anymore?
show passion ... anger ... jealousy ...
any reaction but show it to me
I'm screaming and you're silent
with unseeing eyes and closed mouth

outside the window, the rain stuns the grass
heads of flowers rise ... and only one tear

I close my eyes ... silence ... I disappear ...
only the white wall remains


carrier of mystery
smiles to herself
she sees the universe  enclosed in a droplet
she is a priestess
guarding the gates between the worlds
and she is the gate herself
chosen by a soul
what's going to come back to her?
it is in her but it is not her
it feeds on her blood
but it gives her pure light
from which love will flow
the purest in the world



JOANNA KALINOWSKA, says about herself, that she was born under a wandering star. She, as a child (a daughter of an officer), often moved from one place to another. These constant changes taught her the openness and the willingness to meet new people and places. She spent many years in Poland. Fifteen years ago she moved to Italy. She has always been writing but she publishes now. Her book “Ascoltando Azzurro –Wsłuchana w błękit” was written so that people who speak different languages can express the same feelings. Three volumes of her poetry were edited and her poems were printed in various anthologies and magazines. She writes and publishes in two languages, both Polish and Italian. She loves these two countries. They are her homelands. She arranged “The Amici Italia-Polonia Association”. Its headquarters there is in Taranto — the city where she lives and works. She is a teacher, but she actually works as a translator and an activist of the Polish community. She is a member of the Warsaw Association of Literature’s Translators. Joanna works for the Italian literary-cultural group “La Vallisa”, too. She also cooperates with magazine of this group. She is the initiator and organizer of many cultural and social events.

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