Monday, January 1, 2018




Many have come and gone
with the secrets of my life
one with my soul and the other with my blood
Tearing my hopes into shreads
my time will say...

I will find you
when I  find my soul
when I`ll feel you too close
I`ll find you
Right behind you
I`ll find you, then

I don`t need them
I`ll not need them
but I know, I don`t feel them

Cause I already went there
so many times before
searching for you , dreaming of you
at my door
I`m waiting some more
...finally not finding you

I will find you
when I  find my soul
when I`ll feel you too close
I`ll find you
Right behind you
I`ll find you, When I fine my soul
I`ll give it to you
you`ll keep it in you
for ever more
Written by P.J Mimo
Copy@Right 2012


As years gone by
and winter days become summer nights
lying beside them
the scent of their skin
and the taste of their lies
I remember them
holding them, saying to them don't cry
chasing their ghosts away
out of their lives
I remember them
sweet... full of fear in their eyes
I remember them cry
Touching them  cold body in mind
and me keeping them warm inside
not letting them go
and tearing me up inside

The taste of their body next to mine
didn't lie
the look they gave to me
said already good bye
I remember them
I remember them this time
Heartache after heartache
can I forget them
as the pain goes by
I remember them
one by one each single time
The way they felt on me
it was real everytime
and 1 lost 10 found became my line
I remember them
Now that I'm older
I meant it that night
for I remember them
As the women of my dark life gone by
Writtien by  P.J Mimo
Copy@Right (2011)


When I walked upon your trail
saw the woman of the messenger,
and now each time I hold you
the energy goes right through...

melting of our two souls...becoming as one
is a understatement below that August14th sun

We lived the good and the bad...
hurt wasn’t our way
Cause I`ve known you  somewhere, someplace before
as we took that last stand...once more

Cause my Sweetie is you...oh...cause  my sweetie is you

At times I`ve  tasted your fears
wish I could’ve  taken away thoses years
Words can`t explain this to you
feelings intense, brought me for you

But change is needed one day, you know
with all the children gone, we need to go...
to the promise land where I once  said...
Because of a message from a humble man you once knew
flying among the angels he sent you
a letter,  I`d lie for you...

Let us his praise...
“And sometimes it seems I must
have lost  my mind
I might be crazy, but I`m crazy about you”

don’t you see?...
cause my Sweetie  is you
...Cause my Sweetie  is you...oh...cause  my sweetie is you
... ... is you



PHIL J MIMEAU  - AKA  - P.J Mimo Born and raised in Montreal, Canada in `74,  Started writing poetry in 1996 at the age of 22 after a fail relationship with a young woman. Written my first song called "Shot to Hell"at the age of 19. Growing up I listened to Neil Dimond and praised many songs of his, like "Hello"..and "Love on the Rocks to name a few. Many years had passed writing was dead ..but a  Leonard Cohen came along and changed everything. My second song was written in late 1996 called "Taking the Bus" where music was added (guitar) played by R.Daher. Over 22 years later I'm still plugging in with lyrics & poetry. I wrote over 30 scripts with hundreds of notes and phrases aout my life and what I see around me.

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