Thursday, March 1, 2018




Come dance with me
In tenor plumes of our ripened apprise
Ventral yearnings fingering along
Crystal cascades of shy desires
Kiss me in the allegro of unwritten dreams
That love shall spell its own cabriole surprise
In our falsetto hearts that ascent to pristine skies.

Hold me ~ between our Souls’ wanderlust . . .
That the timbre of our embrace chant
From all longings we unadmittedly seduced
Hypnotizing touch . . . Fraction of your
Electric-caressing-sting . . . That velvetizes
Seepings of aching rust.

Arcs of whimsical rapture ~ assemble’ of
Jeweled pleasures that stir our amaze
To swelled repose; titillate my senses
To nudge at timid stars in cosmic stillness
Are thus all timeless passions
Memorized … and . . . measured  . . .?

Stirrings . . . Stirrings . . .
There is no ending to the searing gaze
In your eyes reflecting us ~ pulsing with a
Paroxysmic Sun! We’ve only to hold this singular
Moment within our mortal blink …. Oh, my love:
Hath now . . . Eternity just begun?
Copyright ©Susan Joyner-Stumpf®


Would even a River remember me?
In its lunar lullaby…
Awaken sleepy laterals,
Advance couplets in my solemn intuitiveness.
There are ways you could not wonder
To untapped wisdom’s syllabic remains,
Hypnotic tones of meandering swells,
Plant their waves across my atrium
In harmonic cylinders
Of fragrant euphoria.
I will blend the allegories of my liquid contours
That… they may flow to upper regions
Of restive solitude…
So that all rills,
Inside my own chord,
Shall never be erased!
Can I be impenetrable mortar
To a Brick’s sonar loneliness?!?
One luster less
Than a single star’s amnesia…
Not a hard light’s fall
From familiar grace.
Passing through this tangent of self
I see my lifetimes
As prophetic glass disperse Prism-sweep
Of creative motifs
THAT, define my essence!
Not my drowned-diminish…
Give me significance
In Nereida’s eye,
That her tears remind a River,
That I once… flowed…
From its aqueous lung!...
For which now,
Only its cognizance of ME

           Greek: Nereida "Sea nymph"
Copyright ©Susan Joyner-Stumpf®


Feed me wind
Long sips of poetic space
Paint heirloom calligraphies
Of the evening’s burnt mahogany
Simulated autobiographies
Of constellations that know our names
But not our idiosyncrasies
Flow-realm stream-bots
Of synchronized time capsules
Where I can choose a moment
From the vacuum of space
And re-live its fond luminosity
Rock me like a baby
In infantile replete
Satisfy the tortures so they
Can finally disintegrate
Each tear ~ may it bleed
In another realm as garden rain
Shower me not with painful distance
But sweet vicinity
So that love will always find me!

Copyright ©
SUSAN JOYNER-STUMPF: Susan Joyner-Stumpf is originally from New Orleans and now calls the Colorado Rockies her home with her husband and menagerie of animal friends.  She has been writing since the age of seven.  It started off as an escape mechanism for Susan, for she was suffering from Childhood Abuse.  After a while, it became a passion, and after 37 published books and still counting, and appearing in over 20 United States AND International Anthologies, the rest is history. Susan started her own Publishing Company three years ago called WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, having made her best friend, Deborah Brooks Langford, as Vice-President and Marketing Director.  Together, Deb and Susan are also starting up their own Live Blog Radio Show on Red River Radio Station called RHYTHM AND MUSE INTERVIEWS.  Also, they’ve extended the services of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS to include a monthly magazine entitled WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS MONTHLY MAGAZINE, which is doing quite well. Susan feels that her writing career, spanning over MORE than half her life span thus far, has been a life-long journey of pleasure and pain into that great Unknown.  She writes to help herself as well as to help others heal.  It is Susan’s humble objective to keep the Arts alive as well as to help her readers find oneness in a driven, stressful world strewn with bits and pieces.


  1. Beautiful written Susan. You amaze me how your words are so deep with in your inner soul and so much depth with feeling. Bravo girl! Your a great poetess of society. I love the way your words flow.

  2. Jennifer, thank you so much, I appreciate your kindness.

  3. Hi beautlful... I love your amazing poetry .. always have .. you are a poetess hero