Saturday, August 1, 2020




On the island that doesn't exist
the branches spin
together with the entire planet
– the infinity of the universe –
a carousel
animated by the wings with which
the child embraces his mother.


Far is the West Lake
with the snake-woman
for eternities in the tower.

Feelings are forgotten,
only shadows remain
in a darkened corner
of the universe.

like fleeting memories,
ephemeral echoes evoking
the love of a devil
for the earthly angels.

The weighing scale of Anubis
will break
under the burden of the heart,
the whole universe will rise
to the expectations of heaven;
the waters shall flood the tower,
liberated, the snake-woman will end
the apocalypse
that began at her birth.


Do not search for me on Facebook,
I'm going where the stones have souls.
Every spring
you shall find emotions
in the water that awakens;
listen to its story, it has read stones
written by the truth seekers.

When you'll miss me,
look at the calmness of the trees
and the twining of the branches;
search in the springs,
in forests and in the rain,
they will whisper about loneliness
and the life's purpose.

You shall find me
in texts written in blood,
in clouds,
and wilderness.
Watch and listen for a while
then move on,
to comprehend you won't be able

the written blood will flow through your veins,
the shadows will return to the clouds
and the wilderness of the soul will be filled
with the sand of the desire to know me.


IULIANA PAȘCA (born on 26th of March, 1991 in Romania), studied Romanian Language and Literature – Chinese Language and Culture at Faculty of Letters, (2010-2014), gaining two scholarships to study in Hangzhou, China (2012-2014). She got her bachelor in Philology with the thesis Madness in Literature. From Diary of a madman of Lu Xun. Graduated (2017) in Conflict Analysis and Management with the dissertation paper Mediation System in Mainland China. She presented a series of research papers such as Diaoyu Islands – a contemporary dispute between China and Japan at the international conference Europe-China Dialogue in Media and Communication Sciences (2016). Active member of literary circles in Romania and overseas, she published in anthologies and literary magazines from Romania, and made her editorial debut with the trilingual (Romanian-Italian-English) poetry volume Reflections of a molecule (2020). She teaches English in Barcelona, Spain since September 2019.

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