Saturday, August 1, 2020



The Lady With The Scythe
to Ferdinand Quintos

When the lady
with the scythe
to tell a man
his stay is over
sadder grows everybody

When she comes
to tell a poet to go
it's nature that cries
the whole world grieves

Lost they have the artist
looking at things around
listening even to the silences
to tell men of them
their beauty

He, a link between
the the earth and the sky
@ Maria Miraglia

A Smile

Your smile
in the morning
is a call to life
to joy to love
It tells me
the day will give us
joyful emotions
the passing hours
we'll spend quietly
As the clear waters
of the seas
in April
Cheerful our hearts
like two sparrows
in their nest
sheltered from the sun
Certain of our mutual understanding
as of a covenat sealed
since long
of the harmony
between our souls
as among the heavenly bodies

This is our privilege
under bright skies
or in gloomy days
and our secret too

A Leaf

The mild wind tonight
caresses my face
its gentle breaths
sweetly cuddle me
and I'd be a leaf
let it take me far
on its wings go
through valleys and mountains
cross the oceans
see from a distance
the litghts of the houses
the lamps of boats at sea
reach a remote land
and hear the voice of silence
feel One with the Immense
@ Maria Miraglia


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