Saturday, August 1, 2020



It Is Hope…

Hope is a risk that must be taken
Georges Bernanos

It is hope
that flashed
in my eyes

Not a flame
not a fire
nor a tear

That will stumble about the sleepless

It will return after a few

I Do Not Write When I'm Happy

I do not write when I'm happy
in joy — I have no words
Except sometimes during September
after the summer — I’m on last legs

Only spring summer
is my solace
I will repay them for this
giving back to all dreams

I want to sing dance barefoot
smile to the stars
Greet mornings with dew
measure time by weather

I do not write when I'm happy
in joy — I have no words
Except sometimes during autumn
I grab for the pen again

Soap Bubbles…

To my sons
The deepest sorrow of happiness
is that everything passes
Leopold Staff

Soap bubbles
fabulously colourful
So beautiful
but fragile
All the same
in a clear glow

Like the evanescence of this
inimitable only
which will not come back
in the same form 


ANNA CZACHOROWSKA: She was born in Warsaw. She graduated from Warsaw University (History Department), she completed postgraduate studies at UKSW (Culture Management). She lives in Legionowo and works as a manager in Public Library in Jabłonna. She is a member of Men of letters Association, she is also a member of The Board of Polish Output Assosciation. She has published: I Was the Rose of Your Winter (Anagram, Warsaw 1993 – book debut); Touching Happiness (City Culture Center in Legionowo 1995); Love Knocked at My Door (Art. For Intergration Fundation, Warsaw 2001); Before the Sun Goes Down the Hill (Anagram 2004) In the Dream Waitingroom , with CD ( performer by Anna Dymna), (Anagram 2011). In 2002 there appeared  a selection of priest Jan Twardowski’s poems – The Faith, Hope and Love Poet (Anagram, Warsaw) in 2005 there was published a book of Twardowski’s poems with her introduction  - 33 Poems (Publish house SPPT and Public Library in Jabłonna) Her poems and songs were presented in the press and on Polish television. They were published in poetry antologies e.g. Generation Discourse, Antology of XX Century Poets, chosen by Andrej Bazylewski, Anthology of 41 st Warsaw Poetry Autumn, several pieces of Poetry Today, Anthology of World Poets (Agenda 2016 and Agenda 2017 published by Poets del Mundo in Chile. Her works were translated into Russian, English and Islandic (17 Ljóð). In 2009 at Humanistics and Polish Language Department im. Geysztora there was defended M.A. thesis written by Magdalena Suwińska: Life, Work and Cultural Activity  of Anna Czachorowska. In May 2011 she got a badge „Honoured for Polish Culture” from Culture and National Legacy Ministry. In May 2017 she received the „ Bronze Medal Gloria Artis”

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