Saturday, August 1, 2020



(Remembering George Floyd)

Where his knee makes a lockdown on Floyd’s neck
There’s a choke-hold grip to turn off his breath;
Unable to speak, to wit his full deck.
In stifling whisper, Floyd speaks to his death,
“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”, weakening depth.
No more to tell, but to give voice to hear
Our protest, BLACK LIVES MATTER, without fear.

If He Could Follow

If he could follow light in the tunnel,
Where darkness holds the key to his freedom,
Would he not so gather his courage spell,
If he could follow?

Or would he sit, be grumpy like a bum,
Not making any effort, no spinel,
Only fostering lame excuse with rum.

Freedom has its price, darkness must he quell,
And like Athena, be ready to drum
This fire of courage to whip Jezebel,
If he could follow.

Life Is An Open Journey

Life is an open journey
travelling begins
from the moment
your shape and form
knitted with umbilical attachment
in mother’s womb
where the field of life
begins with echoes
of every heart beat
every pulsation
like a rhythmic dance
and a preparation
for formative enrichment
eyes wide open
senses tuned to a new world
as you continue itinerary
across landscape
of earth
of moon
harmonious challenges
sometimes intimidating
with no place to hide
or run
there never seems to be an end
just a beginning
becomes today
all of today
rolls over tomorrow
and the scope of life
becomes a roller-coaster
with endless motion.


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