Saturday, August 1, 2020




Do not hesitate, or delay,
a hurricane is on its way!

Make your plans, so you can escape,
be prepared, do not wait!

There is a list of things to do,
to make sure you're safe and secure!

A solid foundation, is a must,
choose a place, in which you trust!

Hurricanes come and go
so very quickly don’t you know!

Destroying with wrath,
almost everything, in its path!

The Day of The Lord is coming too,
be prepared my friends, for this is true!
© Mary Lynn Luiz-August 30, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet

Good Morning Lord

Good Morning Lord,
I've come to talk to You again
about the trouble our world is in!
Such hopelessness, I've never seen!

We have forgotten what You taught us
and how You told us not to fear!
Is it because we do not believe,
we choose not to hear and never listen!

Why is it Lord that this keep happening?
Why can't we put our faith and trust in You?
Why are we always doubting and complaining?
Wisdom Lord is what I ask to see me through!

Today, I am here on my knees praying again
I repent for my nation and what it's doing!
I plead for Your forgiveness and guidance,
and for our people to have a change of heart
that will turn them to You Lord, in true repentance!

Not our will, but Yours be done!
Forgive us Lord and heal our land!
Let us not live by the changing whims of man,
but by Your teachings, promises and commands!

This is my prayer, Oh Lord today
that we will learn and willingly obey!
Make Your Face to shine upon us
with Mercy and Grace as our Blessing!
©Mary Lynn Luiz-June 05, 2020
All Rights Reserved by Poet

The God Of Time And Space

God is Lord of both Time and Space!
He is not bound by natural laws that He put in place!
He exists outside of time therefore He can’t be confined
to any particular time or any specific place!

He is the God of the Past, the Now and the Future!
He is omnipresence in Time and Space, He’s the Architect!
God can Increase, Restore, and Suspend Time,
while we experience a supernatural adventure!

Scientists know that the universe is accelerating
while humanity’s clock continues to tick-tock!
He made the sun to stand still, no usual sun-setting!
God for a while caused Time to come to a stop!

God restores to some people, their youth and beauty!
To others, He gives strength and health!
Yet to others, He bestows power and riches!
He is The God of All Our Desires and All That We Need!

He gives Wisdom to those who seek!
He Exists Outside of Time and Space, Gloriously!
He is Love and He loves you and me eternally!
We are and will always be, Abraham's Promised Seed!
©Mary Lynn Luiz – May 07, 2020
All Rights Reserved by Poet


MARY LYNN LUIZ- She is a Poetess, Author and Writer and is Global Media Coordinator and USA Administrator for “Motivational Strips” Poetry Forum!  She is the founder of “Inspiration Through Love and Light”  Poetry Forum! She has published poetry books and has been featured on talk shows, in magazines and other publications. Her poetry has been translated in to many languages!  Her awards are many! The latest being, January 20, 2020, the “Order of Shakespeare Medal” and” Global Literature Guardian”.     Her Motto is: Love God, Love People, and Change the World with Your Words!

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