Saturday, August 1, 2020



Amber Beads

I´m feeding a snake, a living snake,
a poisonous snake
in a bright sunny day
under fig and orange trees,
while cuckoos sing
over the deep black well
where my face shines
in silent waters.
How I would like to dive
and drawn,
just belonging to the faraway
mist of waters, sea and dreams,
while black commorans stand,
sand I hear melodies of love
and life,
among pebbles, sand,
amber beads, foam
and immense gold,
forgotten gold,
never touched before.


Through other doors I will step in,
when the light comes to push me
in the morning dew shine
of bud roses and sea foam.
As the first syllable of the silent night
I'll speak.
Of shadows and blue angels
such was my life.
I am a spark, a moment,
a white skull,
a twilight,
a small fish in a lake.
I swim in water, fragrance
and sweet wine
of an old golden harvest.

A Carriage Of Water

I am the etheric flesh,
wrapped in the feet of dance.
I move among the leaves,
pursuing the patterns of gold.
I hide in the shadows of green light.
My labor is to go through the fields
and dive into a mud,
as if it was a chariot of crystalline water.
The horses of the night bring pain,
manes, eternity.
The sun is diving in a blue century,
the world is a drunken movie,
the flowers say good-night,
the nightingales keep singing,
the music flows.
And ripe dates go by.


MARIA DO SAMEIRO BARROSO (Portugal) is a medical doctor and a multilingual poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese and German Literature, translations studies and History of Medicine. She has authored over 40 books of poetry, published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Serbia, Belgium, Albany, USA, and translations and essays. Her poems are translated into over twenty languages. She is the recipient of numerous literary distinctions, being awarded the Prize of the Académie Européene des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres (AESAL) 2020.

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