Saturday, August 1, 2020



Breaking Dawn

Staring deep into the cosmos
moon and the stars are losing
their enthusiasm
cold breeze is paralyzing
to the nerves
chirping crickets halfway reaching
their crescendo ----
slowly the night is engulfed by darkness
hopelessness reigns and
she longs for oblivion
from melancholic, momentous nights
and unforgettable memories that
still cling to the innermost being
and vow to hold forever in her heart
as the breaking of the dawn
slowly coming into view

Chasing Happiness

To the mornings that welcome the day
A sunrise that gives hope
The billowing breeze and the
Fragrant smell of flowers.
To the nights that flicker lights
Fine dining at its best
Deafening sound of peals of laughter and
A drop of wine till becoming sober.
To the business of life
Too numerous to count
Social media and the realities of life
Till my soul becomes numb of tiredness.
To the world of fame and recognition
That can be drowning at times
Overwhelming attention and
Appreciation that are appealing to the soul.
None of them give lasting and
Deeper meaning to never-ending
Chase of happiness and it is only
“A Gift” that can give its presence.


Entertaining and mind-challenging
crafted according to purpose
placed according to meaning
each missing part will make
everything incomplete…
Like a puzzle
thy soul has been the missing part
I’ve been looking for a lifetime
giving me meaning and purpose
that complements my soul
No matter what this life would bring
This soul will continue to breath
And the heart will continue to love


LUZVIMINDA GABATO RIVERA is an excellent international research journal reviewer, multi-awarded researcher, external panel member of thesis and dissertation committees, and presenter of researches in various national and international conferences and has published researches in journal and online proceedings. She is also a multi -published author, world inspirational poet and she was recently honored by Sahitya Akademi, Gujarat - India for her efforts to empower literature globally. In addition, she is also a multi-awarded nurse by profession, a fluent speaker of six languages and member of City of Angeles Toastmasters Club (CATMC). She is also a licensed teacher and finished her post graduates courses with academic distinction and academic excellence award like the Doctor of Public Administration (her 6th degree) and took up units leading to a Bachelor of Law.  Her poems were being published by Spillwords Press based in New York, Indian Periodical based in India, The Jasmins and Love Collars- First Poetry Enclopedia in Tunisia, Africa, Poetic Galaxy Atunis Magazine based in Belgium, USA, Our Poetry Archive (OPA) based in India and other International E-Zines and magazines. Her books were: A Gift and A Gift II with her 71 poems and translation of her poem, A Gift – 5 series into 23 local and international languages are available in Amazon and Crossroads: A Poet’s Journey – an anthology composed of World’s Best Writers will be available on Amazon on June, 2020.  She is also one of the contributors to the best-selling anthologies of  BREAK THE SILENCE by Brenda Mohammed based in Trinidad and Tobago and other anthologies namely: ROBAROO -Vol. II by Critical Space Journal Poetry Anthology by Evincepub Publishing based in India and CORONA- SOCIAL DISTANCING : A Poet for Humanity of Inner Child Press International based in USA. On April 2020, after two months of being a member of Motivational Strips – The World’s Most Active Writers Forum, she was appointed as a moderator for Philippines Office and days after she was awarded with a golden badge for her poem, “In the End.” She was also elevated to Gold Category Honour as membership.  On the same month, she was awarded by the Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) from Ghana, Africa as WCHHD Literature Ambassador and on June 5, 2020, she was awarded the ALTYN KALAM – GOLDEN PEN by World Nations Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan.   Currently, she is one (1) of the four (4) approving editors of Bharath Vision website magazine based in India.

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