Saturday, August 1, 2020



When Was The Last Time...

When was the last time we felt complete,
delighting in life so free and easy,
exploring new things and laughing with joy,
just playing around without any cares...

When was the last time our hearts felt whole,
filled with the beauty of love so pure,
bright and happy overflowing with passion,
sharing hugs and kisses just for fun...

When was the last time our souls felt content,
knowing that the paths that lay ahead,
are all planned and we will get through,
finding sweet peace and harmony...

When was the last time our spirits took flight,
looking down on the world to see it all,
drinking in the beauty of glorious creation,
embracing the visions that make us feel true...

When was the last time our minds were at peace,
a conscience that's clear with nothing to fear,
confessions all told no secrets on hold,
no skeletons in the closet that might jump out...

When was the last time we cherished life,
respected each other with kindness and love,
lending a hand wherever we can,
when was the last time we cared for the earth...
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Souls In Lockdown

For centuries God has been knocking on our souls,
souls in lockdown ignoring His calls,
calls of salvation to bring us to safety,
safety from dangers of lures and traps,
traps that snap shut when we least expect,
expect rewards that tie us down,
down in darkness so deep and cold,
cold and harsh as we fight to survive,
survive the troubles of daily battles,
battles that never seem to end,
end our worries to make ends meet,
meet the obligations of modern life,
life as we know it with little help,
help to find the freedom path,
path that leads to eternal wealth,
wealth that money just can't buy,
buy or exchange to break our chains,
chains that drag us into a hell,
hell of confusion apart from God,
God who's been knocking on our souls,
souls in lockdown ignoring the calls,
calls that cry out "the end is near",
near and close so heed His call...
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

If I Would Open Up

If I would open my heart as wide as the ocean,
allow love to flow like a river in motion,
would you take it as weakness and try to abuse me...
or love me in return like it's meant to be.......

If I would release my spirit to fly so free,
mingle with yours on a joyful spree,
would you try to reign me in and tie me down,
or allow my freedom to shimmer like a crown.......

If I would unlock my soul and expose it all,
reveal secrets and mysteries to cushion any fall,
would you push and test me for your own selfish gain,
or ride the waves with me in the sun and the rain.......

If I would air my mind and share my thoughts,
bare my inner being with surprises of all sorts,
would you break me down and make me feel small,
or join in the fun so we both can grow tall.......

If I would open up all facets of my being,
allow you entry to the depths of my feeling,
would you treat me right and cherish it all...
could I trust you completely through every call.......

Then here I am - come and take me home,
let's weave together like words in a poem,
become entwined like a mighty vine,
age and mature like a vintage wine.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: Adventurous and inquisitive poetess and author, venturing into many unusual and strange situations to see what is hidden behind appearances of things, giving her an amazing insight into life, love, emotions and passions.

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