Saturday, August 1, 2020



Run After Childhood

My eyes slowly drift away from me,
See the things through glasses as grow old.
My feet have got a fast walk, running before me,
They’re in a hurry to reach to my childhood.

My fluffy hair’s looking for its braid-time,
It becomes white and bare like this winter,
Time calls on wrinkles my face and hands
road to road, as I’m bored year by year.

That's how I'm getting older, tale by tale,
My pains turn into small kids like my children,
listening to my stories and fairy-tales,
Don’t even get off my arms and knees.

The old years like the black and white points,
come on and stay in the domino-stones.
I lose each game on purpose to my grandchild,
At my old age – in my “childhood” years.

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, baby…
Let your looks pour into your soul
to see those at your age.
Don’t look at great pictures,
at the shades
showing an ant as an elephant,
like a giant you called.
Don’t be afraid…
There can’t be shadows of shades, my child,
Close your eyes,
Close your eyes…

The Woman

Your life like an ant was away eaten,
There’s not even one day left for you.
You had the weight of the world
on your shoulders like an elephant
But no one really ever appreciated you.
You skimmed off and cleaned up your life,
But you’d relied on hopes, woman!
You just laughed in silence at your grief,
You’d troubled about your joy, woman?!
You’re pinning your hopes on now,
Your land is at the end of its rope.
Woman, maybe we don’t just know:
the land is unwitting, the stone is dark.
The death you walk on the balls of the feet
is your eaten life that waits for you,
It just waits for you in silence as dead.


NIGAR ARIF was born in 1993 on 20th of January in Azerbaijan. She studied at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in English faculty in 2010- 2014.  Nigar Arif is the member of “World Youth Turkish Writers' Union” and graduated” III Youth Writers' School” in” Azerbaijan State Writers' Union”. Her different poems were translated into English, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Montenegro, Spanish   languages and were published in different countries.

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