Saturday, August 1, 2020



A Dragonfly Arrived

Standing at the shore of a lake
I enjoyed the early morning
a small dragonfly arrived
and took a rest on my shoulder
turning me
into a spring tree.

Ginkgo Tree In Four Seasons

In spring I release green butterflies
People rushing by
Only one girl teaches me to fly by raising hands

In summer I drip fresh and green tears
People walking by with umbrellas
Only one beauty burst into tears by pulling me

In autumn I exhale the sunshine in my heart
People begin to look up and highly praise
Only one old man wandering and pondering around me

In winter the cold wind whips me unceasingly
Forcing me to hand over the golden verses
Still one poet holding me and crying bitterly

A Piece Of Paper

A piece of paper
Drifting in your words
A piece of paper
Bleaching in my dreams
This piece of paper
Shaking spirit and shadow of history
This piece of paper
Carrying the prospect of time
Listen to the paper
Those fell out of power are pained
Smell the paper
Those appear on the stage are drunken
Tear the paper
The moonlight in the poems is shouting
Light the paper
Rivers and mountains on picture will be burned down


WILLIAM ZHOU: Published Chinese, English and translated works in literary journals at home and abroad. He has won three National Poetry awards and three international poetry awards. Published four poetry collections. He was invited to attend the World Congress of Poets eight times. Some poems have been translated and published in eight foreign languages. He is now a life member of the World Poet Congress, a member of the Chinese Poetry Society.

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