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Living Nature... Still Life

Living nature... still life... How badly
Treated planet Earth is! How bad
Nature has done to be human for;
That he aware to unconscious
Is destroying the flora, the fauna,
The orography, the hydrography!
Why man and why science...? Why
Are dirty and harmful people who
Despise nature, beauty and the
Paradise of the vegetation of the beautiful
Nature and natural life of animals of
So varied wild and wild species?
Horror… rivers and seas with plastic garbage
Used because to people find it easier than
Pick them up to leave them in a safe place.
Ditches and city places with useless remain from
Homes fleeing so as not to be discovered how
Crime for; not taking responsibility for his remains.
Manufacturing establishments developing
Diversity civilization utilities; with process
Waste processing taken without necessary
Collections disposal for; home collection as
Poisons spilled indiscriminately contaminating
Pure water for drinking, the air and for everyday life.
Why do we destroy nature... that what
do we need to live, breathe and enjoy...?
Why do we destroy what gives us happiness
If; any day off we look for nature to relax
And rest from stress, from work and from
Everyday life... from the hustle and bustle?

The Fidelity

Fidelity is the commitment in the spouses and it implies
That you have relationships only with your spouse;
And would never cheat on you. It is the quality of being
Loyal and faithful; and it is a virtue that few possess.
Infidelity is the betrayal of love and the violation
Of any commitment made. If you have love
Of your life... why cheat and waste time
With others breaking the oath of fidelity?
Loyalty is a virtue that is not only for
Affections in the sexual field but; too,
Being faithful is about the love of friends
And familiar, as of convictions and tastes.
Faithfulness is tested when temptations and
Storms of adversity appear unexpectedly.
And being faithful implies decision, conviction,
Will and the privilege to respect; if love is true.
Being faithful is a gift and not necessarily a requirement!
Fidelity is the sister of trust and respect
Between two hearts that profess eternal love. And…
Faithfulness is not a requirement of a painful sacrifice!
Self-control and the maturity of knowing how to value
What you have is fidelity; and respect and care their
Accessories! If the birds fly in pairs and the
Animals in the jungle are faithful, why not be?
Ana María MANUEL ROSA (Argentina)  
All rights reserved

The Sincerity

Sincerity is a very expensive gift that
You cannot expect false people!
Many times, they demand sincerity but;
It hurts them to hear the truth! And they get offended
Because they live in a world of lies!
It is always worth more that they reject you
As honest as they accept you for being hypocritical!
Many do not appreciate sincerity; and they
Don't give welcome because, they collide for
Being false hypocritical societies in true guise.
Sincerity lies associated with humility
And valuable people hard to find;
While the scarcity of it, is very related
To pride. Sincerity together to fidelity
They are faithful and inseparable.
The fear of some for complete sincerity; take
The sincere up the stairs straight to heaven.
Be sincere is extremely essential and the basis
Of a true friendship that; is priceless and not
It can be bought with no money in the world.
Sincerity is what is lacking in humanity
For values like justice and peace
Arise in the face of injustices, corruption,
Envy, betrayal and lies disappear!
Sincerity is a virtue that few possess!
Ana María MANUEL ROSA (Argentina)  
All rights reserved


ANA MARÍA MANUEL ROSA: The famous writer, novelist, poet, researcher, historian and international lecturer Ana María Manuel Rosa is an Honorary Member of the International Arts Council (IAC); Universal Ambassador of Peace; Universal Ambassador of Culture; Literature Ambassador; Humanitarian Ambassador of the Hospital ÁFRICA 55 Project. She has already published 22 books of her complete authorship. She has participated in more than 30 Anthologies of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Trinidad, Albania, India, Indonesia and Taiwan (Spanish, English, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese); written in international virtual magazines; interviewed by different media; participated in international meetings of writers and awarded worldwide.

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