Saturday, August 1, 2020



Sewed Home

the needle of faith
was sewing someone’s home
for 24 hours
just to make stitches on the smile
of a mother

her daughter’s song
was caressing her tightly
around her waist

until the heavens opened
and the song sang with the voice of the cherubs


I live among a plate of lazy lasagna,
green vase painted with flowers
black sleepy coffee,
a board made of cork that hangs on the gaze,
coconut pencil pot,
colored notes that are multiplying on the desk,
toys that are hatching from eggs,
desires that are travelling on the back seat of my car,
amethyst with captured gaze on the Moon,
a photo with a tie and without a fracture,
and external memory
with which I am crossing over the line
that keeps me confined

The Grape Honey Of Our Finity

We have peeled out the sighs of the grape
We have grinded the seeds of the grape honey
We have squeezed to the pain the juices of our time

And nothing came out as we had anticipated
The juices had no water,
and the seeds have spit out the cells since the beginning

The wine didn’t betray us,
but the line with which we used to tie the lid
over the empty room with transparent walls did


There is a vertical line
that never changes its position
you can press her vein as much as you like
just to make her blood flow
you can look into her eyes as much as you like
to hear your name
you can do to her whatever you like
and how much as you desire
to make her domesticated
nevertheless, she will continue to be the mirror
that draws the finest wrinkles on your face

A Poem For The Silence

As we breathe with the little flame
that crawls on the wall
so it can learn about the stone
And while the word is inventing the meaning,
unknown signs are starting to expand our irises
so they could go back flowing slowly into the river.

As we write on the wall
with the alphabet of the soul
the composer of life
hunts the finest musical notes
and crumbles the silence


DANIELA ANDONOVSKA-TRAJKOVSKA (born February 3, 1979, Bitola, North Macedonia) is poetess, scientist, editor, literary critic, doctor of pedagogy, university professor. She works at the Faculty of Education-Bitola, St. “Kliment Ohridski” University-Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia and teaches the courses:  Methodology of Teaching Language Arts, Creative Writing, Critical Literacy, Methodology of Teaching Early Reading and Writing, ect.  She is co-founder of the University Literary Club “Denicija PFBT UKLO” and also of the Center for Literature, Art, Culture, Rhetoric and Language at the Faculty of Education-Bitola. She is member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, and The Bitola Literary Circle, and president of the Macedonian Science Society Editorial Council. She is editor in chief of the literary journal “Rast” issued by the Bitola Literary Circle, and also - editor of the International Journal “Contemporary Dialogues” (Macedonian Science Society), and “Literary Elements” Journal (Perun Artis), several poetry and prose books. Besides her scientific work published in many international scientific journals (over 100 articles), and one university book “Critical Literacy”, she writes poetry, prose and literary critics. She has published one prose book: “Coffee, Tea and the Red Sky” (2019), and 7 poetry books: “Word for the Word” (2014), “Poems for the Margins” (2015), “Black Dot” (2017), Footprints” (2017), “Three” (2019), and “The House of Contrasts” (2019), and “Electronic Blood” (2019). She has won special mention at the Nosside World Poetry Prize (UNESCO, 2011), the award for the best unpublished poem at the Macedonia Writers’ Association Festival (2018), “Krste Chachanski” prize for prose (2019), National “Karamanov” Poetry Prize for poetry 2019. Her poetry was published in a number of anthologies, literary magazines and journals both at home and abroad, and her works are translated into: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, and Italian language. Poems are translated from Macedonian to English language by the author.

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