Saturday, August 1, 2020



The Picture Of Love!

Fire on ice, golden hue
Blue sapphire morning dew

The picture of Love
The rising sun

Behind the curtain
Of branches few

Smiling like
A pink rose!

Merry Christmas!

(First poem ever written in Gammo style of poetry and made history.)

Come my friend, let us make
Together our Christmas cake
Beat two eggs with a spoon of vanilla

Four cups flour with a pinch of salt,
four spoons milk, add a little part
Of Coco powder and baking soda

beat it blend it smooth it  and mix
Four cups of sugar, in a bowl fix
Heat up the oven and start to bake

Let us check it after a while
Oh it's baked, I see you smile
Now we will decorate our cake

Spread all over warm chocolate
Add some raisins, put it in the plate
Garnish with fruits and flowers of cream

Write "Merry Christmas" , add some nuts
Pineapple pieces and almonds
Sure it's delicious like a sweet dream!

Pert Love!

I feel like walking on your path
Sunbathing on your shores
Swimming in your waters
Climbing all your trees

Branches to the branches
Hiking on your mountains
Hiding in every grooves
Hibernating in caves

For a million eras of days
Weathering all your seasons
Dreaming about your kiss
Caring for emotions

Watching every moves
How love is a living
Only we two know!


NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and an engineer and a manager in top notch firms, an internationally acclaimed award winning author and poetess from Karachi Pakistan. Naila Hina is a best and honoured poet of Pakistan, an instructor who has been focused on spreading peace, knowledge, creativity, scientific thinking and freedom of expressions and press throughout her life. She has achieved great success and international recognition for her hardwork and dedication in literature and linguistics and other areas. Her heart bleeds for the poor and ignorant of society and she made efforts to make the world a better place, with health and educational reforms, humanitarian and Cultural exchange. Etc. Naila Hina is the iwomanglobalawards nominee for literature for the year2020:

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