Saturday, August 1, 2020



Delighted To Disturb

Puddles along a dirt road
lay still, tranquil
collect reflections
of a dimming sky

The revolving tire

delighted to disturb
the sublime

ripples on water
form a momentary smile

Calling Out

It’s 11:45 am on a random day
and time is not an issue to the land
unless we speak in seasons
like this Tuscan winter
that clings to my heel
but smells clean

as I walk to breathe
and breathe to walk
over fallow fields

where the dog takes a pheasant by surprise
and a cargo jet hangs low in the sky

and the vine with its dry
throat of bark
is silent
which makes me wonder
what is not being said
whose voice is not being heard
on the 18th day of December 2018?


Small hands make playful waves
on your surface
while we dive into your  arms
part the liquid flesh
of your body

toying with
the ever deeper
reaching always further
looking for the unchartered—
searching for hidden pleasures

We swim, rolling in ecstasy
the ocean voice mounts
in waves of intensity

while your water holds our skin
all of this together.


KALYNA TEMERTEY-CANTA (Kaly) was born in Canada and completed her formal studies at the Sheridan School for Craft and Design. Her poetry has been published in various Journals and anthologies, including the California Poetry Society Quarterly, Amravati Poetic Prism Multilingual Anthology and The Current International Anthology of English poems. Her major themes are, understanding oneself through the natural world, life as a metaphysical journey, and aspects of being a woman. A mother of three children, she lives a quiet life in the Italian countryside.  She loves to travel and has participated in several International poetry festivals.

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