Saturday, August 1, 2020



The Dance Of Naked Words
(Плес нагих речи)

It was Sunday,
the day for reveries
from the tower toward the sky.

And it did occur.
The long-waited sparkle
descended and burst
into flame within them.

until then dressed
in costumes, veils,
started dancing naked
broken free of all fetters.
They entered the very essence of things.
And everything was easily named.
They repeated Adam's act,
meanings and forms fused.
The dazing impact
of the said
opening a maze.

The liberated passion
flew high
up to dangerous borders.
The word heated better than fire,
better than the touch.

Eve hurled the apple

The Touch Of A Distance
(Додир даљине)

My clairvoyant hands,
as hot as a sorcerer's hands
set in motion by thought
touch the chosen thing,
it is them that have encountered you.
Seeing better than the eyes
they impeccably guide me,
Logos always appeals to me.

I write down a word or two
and the rainbow gives a flash
fusing two violent waters
aware of the might of the said.
It shoots them through to the bottom
integrated by the force of origins.
Out of the overheated core
sterling flows over
with a deep trail.

I touch letters one by one,
they spread energy with ease.
Receiving it you light up –
you open all doors
to me – a woman.
And you do not know what breaks you:
either the touch of fire or the might of the said
that defeated you at once.
Or the secret of the being from afar
that flashes when fusing with you.

Monologue Of Inconsolably Man
(Монолог Неутешног)

You were disasters that carries all before it.
The storm that tore all ties with the past,
Abyss from which they may not raise,
Coma from which I did not want to wake up.
You were my undulating blood that is bright
I blindly dragged me to the distances.
You were my deepest connection to myself.
I've been the one who forgot himself.

You have become my darkness
And my constant shall
I emptied my essence
And my unquenchable thirst
And my despair
I and my enlightenment
My whole day prayer
endless screen in mind
as intrusive flashing
I cannot close my eyes
but I do not see this
I cannot find the sunset
even in the deepest sleep
wherever you look
yet everywhere you
all persons have your face,
All scenes are lost
under the influence of your character.
everywhere glowing
These indestructible images of longing,
This dangerous ditch your aura.

It was the last horizon
to climb
I stayed my my my,
My deepest suffering.


New Choreographie Of Scheherezade
(Шехерезадина нова кореографија)

More persistent than Scheherazade
I was rehearsing his game
With more daring and haste,
More adept at the force of the secular experience
Etched in my mind,
Sure you would like more
Of words ethereal,
A stronger tone of flesh slams at dusk
And burn everything she touched.
We cling to this son of passion paramount
Longer than the thousand and one nights,
He has been growing, decreases the space
It brings us closer to the fire,
And here we burns longer, with more than fire,
On behalf of those who go out, yet greedy
Absorbs the divine spark.
No Master and its taken between us,
But, one the other captives,
Captives we stay a game nice to meet you.
There is no end to this "night":
Between us, there's the sword,
From The Sheath,
A new choreography of Scheherazade
And your eyes, amazed.



MILICA JEFTIMIJEVIĆ LILIĆ: (Serbia) She graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Priština, and won a master's degree in philological sciences at the University of Belgrade. She was a professor at the University of Priština, and editor on Belgrade TV. She has published the following collections of poems, storyes and essays…  27 books. She is representedin many anthologies and has many literary awards of national importance as international...Her works has been translated into Russian, English, Italian, German, French, Hungarian, Macedonian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish and Arabic....more than 28 languages of world. She was vice President of the Association of writers of Serbia Lives in Belgrade since 1999.

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