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Why should we read poetry? I think primarily we can read poetry only to enjoy. But we should read poetry to establish an internal link with the world around us. Many of us believe that the main task of poetry or even literature, in general, is to reconcile us to the world. Through poetry, we can feel the essence of time and eternity. Poetry enriches our perception of life and nature. We can develop the required skill to realize anything beyond its face value. Poetry also boosts our moral strength to fight for rights, beauty, and humanity. Poetry also presents the province of imagination and the domain of love. And it unites us around the essence of life.

Many believe poetry has a distinctive role to fulfil compared with other cultural objects and experiences. It connects people’s cognitive and affective responses. It reconciles our mind and body, experiences, and memories. The contribution poetry can make to our well-being, as well as the importance of focusing on both the affective and cognitive dimensions of our engagement with poetry to enhance both appreciations of the work and personal development. By offering us an opportunity to recapitulate life as a whole connecting with time and space, poetry serves its purpose of cultivating our thinking process. So, reading poetry helps us a lot. It helps us to mature with time and experience beyond the domain of our personal life. I think this is crucial. Realizing our personal life in relation to eternal life is essential to attain a more mature view of true perspective.

Reading poetry is a way of meditation also. Although primarily we believe, it is a hobby and with time it becomes a habit. Yet poetry reading is a way of meditation to enrich ourselves to achieve the true perspective of life. And it is also only through poetry reading that we can get in touch with the various literary traditions and heritages. This experience helps us a lot to develop a world view in our realization of the world and life. This realization of the world view brings us closer to each other. At present we need to march forward at a great pace toward this direction. It’ll minimize the risk of confrontation among various races and nationalities. Thus, it may work positively to reduce conflicts through developing the essence of a unified humanity.

We can also say, reading poetry helps us a lot to work toward unifying humanity around the world. It will directly work to resist the world views of competition among political and corporate rivalries. These rivalries have divided the world into various sections of conflicting interests. The purpose of reading poetry can positively help us to evolve through co-operation instead of competition. So, one can easily say, reading poetry can unify the world towards humanity instead of dividing human civilization into confronting sections. This is the most important social role of reading poetry in our life.

So, it is not true that we should read poetry only for a personal pleaser. We should go on reading poetry to derive the pleaser of unifying with all. Poetry can sanctify our souls as well as our minds and purifies our hearts. Without which we can never communicate with our surroundings to achieve a unified state of existence. Poetry teaches us that we can never live disconnected from our time and universal soul. It helps us to gain those important insights to chose the right path to follow in our own life. Again, this road will lead us to fulfill our life among all others with true humility.

I do believe we at Our Poetry Archive are fulfilling this role of spreading awareness throughout the world. Reading, reading, and reading poetry can make us truly human. So, our goal is to provide the quality materials to serve this purpose. Since April 2015 we are working on this plan to cater with the best materials of available poetical creations to the readers around the world. Since then, we have published 74 monthly volumes of poetry collections and six annual anthologies of world poetry. Also, we have arranged the publication of the 7th volume of the annual anthology scheduled to be published this July 2021. Anyone can still participate in this upcoming OPA annual anthology of poetry 2021. This year the theme is ‘Midnight Moments’. We invite three poems written only on this particular theme to submit along with the recent profile picture of the author and a short Bio of around 300 words written only in 3rd person narrative. The submission address only for the poems written on the theme, “Midnight Moments” is and the last date of submission has been extended to 30th May 2021.

We would like to remind our readers and poets that the address for the monthly submissions of poetry is: We hope this issue will also get your attention with much enthusiasm. This month we are presenting poet Monica Maartens of South Africa as the poet of the month. Poet Anca Mihaela Bruma of Italy has taken an interview of the poet exclusively for our readers.

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  1. Poets are Lovers of Freedom!
    Poets are lovers of freedom and wish to fly high with ideas in their styles
    That supersede and transcend earlier forms, styles and so on ever sure;
    Like birds that sing naturally sans any training by teachers they write poems
    That flow direct from their hearts to amuse and inspire all with zeal high!
    No fixed laws and regulations stop their outburst of ideas that touch all
    Using words in common man's language of conversation like artists and musicians
    Do with their painting brushes and musical instruments flying as they wish
    Like skylarks and nightingales naturally singing songs for their hearts's content!
    With words as brush, trumpet and weapon to inspire or amuse or wage wars
    Free Poets weave poems in plenty sans any restrictions and go ahead high ever;
    Amusement, inspiration, enlightenment, encouragement and guidance poets make to
    Individuals and societies all over the world to achieve unity, love and peace sure!
    Poets are not only using imagination but also doing criticisms in writing poems
    With the same age old words as wine in new bottles of Poetry for all subjects!

  2. Writing Field Not A Bed of Roses!
    The inability to become a good writer say as a poet or article writer
    Or story writer or novelist, makes one a critic to show one's skill so;
    But even to be a critic, one should be correct with facts and knowledge;
    Little learning and knowledge make one only a fault finding sadist!
    Sadistic critic never like others getting prominence as writer or poet;
    They use their own yardstick to make negative criticism of anything
    Only to show themselves as sadist of disgusting character in the world;
    Many best poets of the past have out-shined over such critics to be immortals!
    In fact, it is fortune that makes one great and one's works a mark in any field!
    But the lesser ones too are remembered for their skill in expression of ideas;
    Sans thorough knowledge of anything, one cannot even become a critic;
    But in fact, critics make one famous in the world by their best judgments!
    Writing field itself is not a bed of roses in world life sure in anyway;
    But becoming a critic to write on others also one needs thorough knowledge!