Thursday, July 1, 2021





The Coffee Urn


If I could drink

A cup of pain

Without a shake of sweet

To taper strongest Sting

To wake the pain of sleep

I’d drink it all

In just one gulp

I’d struggle keeping down

To linger for a while

I’d break it down to molecules

And tiny pieces ….gone

But pain is never gone

It comes to sting again

The coffee urn is never dry

There’s more to go around

I’ll take another cup

To let it warm the pain

My heart it seems is numb

Once more

Until it warms again

I’ll bury it with memories

Until it comes around 

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV February 27, 2021




The Missing Pieces


I miss

The no nonsense,

Take charge being

The fun loving jokester

Who would laugh

At the silliest things

Tired of searching

Yet, I cannot find

Listening for her laughter

Looking for her smile

Searching for the Sunshine

To dance in her eyes

All the hope is leaving

And in darkness lies

All the dreams are broken

Cast into the night

All the smiles and laughter

Hiding from the light

One day she’ll come back

To the laughing skies

To the fields and meadows

Racing by and by

To the endless sunshine

Warming brightest dreams

Growing renewed hope

In the smallest beam

Where are the missing pieces?

Those I cannot find

Hiding in the darkness

 Lying deep inside

© Juanita García Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV 2016




Life Is A Dream


Death arrives

When lest expected

Be ready but,

Not preoccupied

With Life's ending

We are but travelers

Enjoying a journey

There are wonders

To make us stop

To smell, to hear,

To touch,

To behold

In silent amazement

The most beautiful

Experiences and scenes

Lie ahead

Just up the road

Live in the moment

Until the last breath

Is drawn

Life is a dream

Savor the stardust

©Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV 2015



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