Wednesday, September 1, 2021




Baikal Lake


The clean and clear

as fresh water from the spring

quiet and willing to agree to everyone

you dispense your beauty for nothing

and love gives to someone who is despised

such suffering no one deserves.


Broken wings fly out of breath

above the icy North Sea

without bowing and greeting from anyone

all enjoy your supernatural being

and leaving without goodbye saying.


Do not idle my heart watching you

I have gone through such a ice sideways

and stifled sobs soul that does not give up

when plunges into the water without depth.


I'll take you to Baikal Lake

the world's biggest water mirror

there are fresh water is not wasted millions of years

and pure beauty in one place rests.


In these the deepest Lake in the world

your Soul will get a face

You'll look into it intently


Baikal Lake is like You

deep, powerful, infinitely beautiful.




Once again in a part of the world

silence will be ancient river water

sludge from the bottom watches on the surface

long, long the snow will not fall

windless air will become stale.


Do not worry, the world will not remain small

on the other side of the world strengthen visionaries

thoughts free as slaves just released

thrive in the fresh grass in the meadow

the mountain of them grows

and you do not see

those thoughts build our life whole.


Thoughts travel first by evening train

and if its stop at the first station, become rotting

and quickly drown in the mud,

if its make it come to the last stop

will experience later years

win yet unconquered regions

and build an unprecedented white city.


When conquer a one part of the world

take a sleigh and eight reindeer

and roam the skies like Santa Claus

in the mind of a one inspired Visionary

no one knows what the world will receive

as gift strange name

but it certainly would not be the same.


Goddess Maya


You want to silence me with effort

at least for a while to no wider voices of love and duty

as ice in winter silencing waterfalls

not to spread the sounds of colossal beauty.


And you will succeed in this just a little

I will collect in my chest the fire of the sun

of the accumulated brightness will grow like the giant sunflower

at the moment of salvation, there will be an  eruption of light.


In a second, I will repel you, Goddess Maya

waterfalls will flow through my eyes

You will forget the skillful game, only for you beloved

the light will cover the dark of the night.




TATJANA LONČAREC is a poetess from Zagreb, Croatia. She has published two collections of poems – That the World does not Die (2005) and Crowned Roses (2008). She is an active member of poetry association "Morning Poetry" Zagreb. Mute Melodist chosen her poem "White Nights" for Poetry anthology Paradox/Oxymoron as the Language of Poetry.  Collective collection of poems COM-PEN-DI-UM published May 2016 in the USA where Tatjana Lončarec participated with five poems. Realistic Poetry International chosen her three poems for Realistic Poetry International Anthology 2016. Nav Works Press' USA, Los Angeles in new book Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II published her poem Cavalier. 2017. Poetic Bond VII Anthology UK  2017. also published her one poem.  OPA Anthology 2017,2021.


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