Friday, October 1, 2021





The Moonset Accompanied By The Sky Full Of Stars


The glow of the sea by the sea red over the emerald green of the smoke in the mountains

Moonlight reflects the Yangtze River covering the autumn water

Cold galaxy tries to defend itself

About the remnant snow on shallow sand with white waves

The master laughed mockingly

Sword up in the sky

The east wind is still blowing freely to the end of the world


A few clumps of reeds

Several reflections of the flat boat

The frost fell heavily towards the orange grove let the red became more red

Under the peach Mountain, roads spiral and connect

I don't know where the flute sounds

The fisherman's song sounded deep

The dust and fog conceal the morning noise


The tower on the peak looks at the world with squinting eyes

Previous years, climbed alone to the highest level at the top of the lonely cloud

Aloof difficult to tame

Those stars are clearly standing beside me

I could only sigh helplessly; it is hard to fly without wings

Never tell me that

The real world in my hometown belongs only to gods 




A Smile To River Ducks


I sit here all day

Waiting for the green waves to hit the banks

I listen to the lotus song quietly

Let the melodious rhyme accompany the water breeze

I laughed at the wild ducks

Touching the ship window secretly with a cry

I eavesdrop

Those overlapped green hills has repeatedly advised the surrounding lake


I forgot how to open the bow


Lotus flowers are so dense

The waves pushing the sound of flute into the faint fog

Rain tears with twilight tint the spring river

West winds turned into heavy scales all over the surface

How to stop wild ducks from flying over this area again

But the person who planted willows in the past can't be found for a long time

Where he is now?

Can you see it? The wild duck is still there

Can you see it? The wild duck is still there 




Brain Imprint


Waves sway the sea and the moon

Star Shadow Enters the Tower

The night heron is as cold as falling snow at night

Moon bow shadow over the tree

The square fish pond was looked like a mirror without any traces

Like a ruler

Lay out the government's carefully designed policy advocacy

By people’s taxes are deeply rooted in government departments


Waves sway the sea and the moon

Star shadow gradually moved into the tower

There are so many disturbances and disputes in our world tonight

Both white-heads and green-sideburns are mad and insane

The world of the Internet, the sharp edge of the government

Domesticated young man

There is no time to talk about the ideals of life

In the past outside the struggle of hatred


This is a fake democratic government

Concealed in the dark and obscure democratic vote counting program

One vote, one vote

Jade storied building, spring's footsteps stop

Looking up at the clouds without moonlight

The hills outside the garden follow the loneliness

The people hope to find the moonlight in chaos

My night herons

Can you not just mind the little fish under your mouth that only has enough to feed your belly?



Prof. Dr. TZEMIN ITION TSAI(蔡澤民博士) was born in Taiwan(ROC). He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and two Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering. He is a scholar with a wide range of expertise, while maintaining a common and positive interest in science, engineering and literatur e. Dr. Tsai is not just an accomplished poet, he is an essayist, novelist, columnist, editor, translator, academic, engineer, mathematician, and so many other things. His literary creation specializes and expertise in the description of nature, the anatomy of emotion and humanity, life writing, graphic writing, cross-domain writing and so on. Dr. Tsai has carried out a number of educational research with the development of teaching materials in his country. He has won many national literary awards. His literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 40 countries and translated into more than 20 languages. Tsai is a professor at Asia University(Taiwan), editor of Reading, Writing and Teaching academic text. He also writes the long-term columns for Chinese Language Monthly in Taiwan. There are many famous poets from different countries in the world through his Chinese translations and introductions were able to be recognized by the people of China.


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