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My African Children


My African children

every day, I know you better

I know you for million years since birth

since, I brought you up with the milk and honey

of pure love, on the plains of Euro-Africa.

Since I know you, for million years

since I am your mother


My African children

every day I give you birth again

in the body, the universe of my heart.

If I desert you, my child of Peace and love

I desert, I lose,  my life since the beginning of time

and return in the abysmal ocean and land of my soulless

existence, for lack of action in the twenty first century


If I neglect you, my African children

I will, I will neglect the face of humanity

to extinction. I will forget the day of creation.

So I prefer my children precious, to hold your arms

in tears, mixed with rain and dew, you, my life and vision

I pray and act to grow crops of food and love, with your help.

What did I do for you in the past? Did I forget you, like silence?


Count only on the present action. Every droplet of my thoughts

every embrace of our hearts, every echo of my prayers at dawn

all tears, shed with each word of prayers in the world

I collect them, into light of hope like a miracle.

But now, be serene and fully hopeful

you are determined to be winners,

for peace, food and Love

© Roula Pollard


It Rains Love

 On The Acropolis


Rain has a scent

like eucalyptus mixed

with lavender, mint, thyme

love with rosemary. Strange

clouds over Athens today

the Acropolis shimmering

under a blue hopeful sun.

The scent from the past lasts

like an unopened treasure

always eager with love for

its destination. Tourists in pilgrimage

like bees on flowers.  Will it rain?


Strangeness is a common place in our time.

The sun has many colors, so does hope.

As I ascend to the top of the Holy Rock

olive trees familiar with Peace since antiquity

green grasshoppers share green hopes

wild flowers spread their abundance.

This is my home. Wherever I wonder

I return here, inside the fragrance of Greek time

inside the spirit of my ageless country, ageless

like time. Like a maiden at a Panathenian Festival

I ascend the eons of history.


Did you hear what the weather forecaster announced?

“All is fine today, sunny intervals with hopes of rain.”

Today, do not take your umbrellas. Celebrate

with me in Athens, it rains hope with love

© Roula Pollard


More Than A Love Song


Tonight, the sky light grows stronger

than usual, as if I touch wholeness of blue


among scattered summer clouds

light-clouds, like total light

like movement of passion

scented pulses, as when I hug you.

Does happiness have a beginning,

a pre-start, a middle and an end

like prayers lifting up from the sea

to the sky?

Are you listening

as I send you a  melodious song


a love message, a whisper from

a scented flowering night bush?

Its message lightens this night, perhaps

all nights, while day-darkness fills

our world. A letter of world love,

I send you, like immensity, as the

sensitivity of the heart-head of a

sunflower follows the sun.

Light wins over darkness

as we give up fear, hate, envy

for the first time ever, tonight.

The world lives in light

the world is in love

with itself.

© Roula Pollard



ROULA POLLARD: Greek poet, writer, translator, literary promoter, environmental and peace activist, has published four Poetry collections in Greek and English, short stories, literary criticism and literary essays. She has been translated in nine languages, included in more than 150 international Poetry anthologies, and won international poetry and humanitarian awards.

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