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 Acropolis Of Athens


They have extended to the nothingness

The hidden face s and noses, are sculptures without breath

Giant columns, open the memory of blood


The suffering pilgrims

far away from wheat fields, olives, vineyards

step on the gate to the Holy Land


Parthenon, surrounded by eyes

The sky is puzzled and the Mediterranean Sea full of tears floats human bones

refugees, migrating in dreams


Athena Poseidon begets the lie of power in cool winter

Does the wind wake up the Acropolis or the acropolis cover golden light

The harp, sings blue tune for thousands of years

and the humble supplicants mourn for grace

20:37 am on April 23, 2019


The first draft was written on the island of Celia nitika

In the era of no machinery, the 18 meters high gate of the holly mountain, how those huge columns were transported to the top of the mountainit reminds me of the workers who built the temple, they created the "sweat fine art".


A Drop Of Water


A drop of water

Dripping day after day The creek became the sea A ray of light Shines year after year A small seedling becomes a big tree An encounter A white sheet alike meets a coloured pen Drawing a spring full of love. 

Annakeiko February 14, 2021


A Beautiful Sakura


The most ingenious of painters

Painted last night a marvellous painting

Even the poor stop and admire

April’s beauty, nature’s masterpiece

A creature of heaven,

An angel descended on earth.

Translated By Germain Droogenbroodt



ANNA KEIKO (China) ANNA KEIKO(安娜·惠子): Poet, writer, permanently living in Shanghai, China. Founder and Chief Editor of ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature Association and Chinese representative and director of the international cultural foundation ITHACA; partner of Immagine & Poesia in Italy; international member of the Canadian-Cuban Literary Union; specially invited poet of the International Writers Magazine; member of the Board of Directors of the Young Writers Magazine.Her poems have been rendered into more than 30 languages, and over 2,000 poems have been published in more than 200 poetry journals, magazines, newspapers and self-media in over 40 countries. Anna Keiko has been invited to participate in dozens of international poetry festivals and poetry exchange conferences. On May 27, 2021, she won the "Best Foreign Language Author (A)" in the Italian COVID-19 International Poetry Competition (she is the only Asian poet among prize winners from 64 countries). On July 15, 2021, she won Naji Naaman Literary Prizes 2021. On October 8, 2020, she won the award “Best Strange Authors” section A of the Eighth “The Colour of Soul” International Poetry Competition in Sanremo, Italy, with rivals from 72 countries. On September 12, 2020, she was awarded IL Meleto di Guido GozzanoItalyPrize for Literature. In 2019 she was granted the Mihai Eminescu College MedalRomaniaand received a certificate of honor at the poetry, painting and music event in Curtea de Arges, granted with the King Bashab Nigo medal. In 2019, on the International Poetry Festival in Santiago de Chile she was granted the outstanding contribution award and a certificate to poetry. In addition, she got the honorary certificate of the 2nd Chalkida International Poetry Festival in Greece; "Chinese Contemporary Literature and Art Award" and the Chinese Poetry Annual Celebrity List and many other awards. Anna Keiko got three collections of her poems published and co-authored dozens of literary books as well. In 2021, a new collection of poems entitled "Lonely in the Blood" came out with a couple of prefaces written by prestigious poets and writers from five countries. The preface of the collection "Language of Deep Sleep" was broadcast by Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station, and the collection's Chinese version was published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House and well received by great readerships both at home and abroad.  Anna Keiko also has remarkable publications ranging from prose, essays, lyrics, drama to sketch comedy, etc.  

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