Friday, October 1, 2021





A Poet In The Making


A diaphanous mist hangs over me

 Blurring my thoughts and fancy

Or is it that my Muses 

 Have gone into lazy slumber?


Whatever thoughts I have

They come fragmented and scrambled

In no way I can piece them into a string

As I try to nest them together

They wheel away like pigeons


When I struggle for utterance

Like a child, I lisp at the very first word

Sometimes thoughts strike me

Like pellets of rain against the window pane

But I fail to broil them

In the crucibles of my imagination


I am a miner searching for a nugget of gold

In tons of drilled out mineral ore


In the dead of night, in frightening stillness

I am awake, with pen in my hand

A heavy weight pulling me down

Caught in a creative maelstrom

I whirl and whirl

I hope the ink will soon spill over

Scrawling coherent lines and letters


Like an emboldened farmer,

I sow seeds of my thoughts

Into a land barren,

Not fecund enough

And not watered with imagination!


Who can say some of them won’t strike root

Even in the cleft of a rock

And struggle bravely into sunshine

Spreading over their sterile birth place

With beauties any eye would love to behold!


I wait for that moment..... !

Yes, I am a poet in the making...




A Sudden Downpour


Rain beats down on the window pane

As the flood gates of Heaven suddenly open

It is pouring out in torrential flow

Like a Reservoir, all at once, broken


It has come down as a welcome respite

To fan away the humid sweltering heat

It falls in drops and flows in rivulets

Washing the dust of summer drought


With a sudden burst from the weight laden clouds

It lashes down in steam and fury

Plummeting to form ripples in puddles

And filling pools and ponds in hurry


In slanting sheets, it almost pounds

Flooding roads and making puddle

Gushing through pipes and rushing down drains

Water floods, causing men to waddle


Rain has its abode in heavens so high

And hides behind clouds of mournful gloom

In silver strings, it spans the Earth

And cleanses the plants in resplendent gleam


Sudden is the wind, coming to shoo away the clouds

And the sky is once more cerulean blue

As the music stops and the humdrum stills

The water seeps, giving no evident clue.


After an angry couple’s furious fight,

 As the house goes back to an uncanny calm,

The rain has vanished, leaving little trace

Cooling the Earth and causing no harm




Sparkling Love


As he gazed on my face

I saw waves of emotion

rise and crash     

in his deep almond eyes

and I became a river

hurtling down to join

the mighty current


When he whispered to me

honeyed words of passion

in the enormity of silence

I blossomed

into a red tulip of love


As he played on the strings

of my heart's violin

I got tuned

 into an alluring symphony


When he held my palms

I evolved into

a beautiful painting

on a blank canvas


When he cupped my face

to stamp on my lips

the seal of love

I became a flitting butterfly


When he lifted me up in his arms

all the stars came down

to see the spark in my eyes

wondering if it outdid

their combined lustre




A Stream In The Woods


Like a toddler taking maiden steps

The narrow stream moves through the woods

Tripping and falling over pebbles and boulders

Chiming its silver anklets


Drowning the whisper of bamboo leaves

Its sweet murmur falls in my ears

As an eternal living melody

The cosmic song heard over aeons


Forcing itself in irrepressible flow

It thrusts and shoves its way down

Through thickets and a line of ferns

And the tangle of creepers and brambles


As the water sluices down the rocks

It is a frothing braided torrent

Producing a harsh grating roar

Like the crescendo of a tribal symphony


There it forms into a small pool

With its waves gently rippling

Where birds merrily come to take a dip

Refreshed they fly back sunning their wet feathers


Sometimes travelling unseen

It suddenly emerges into the open

Cutting its way through cracks and fissures

Never willing to surrender before hurdles


With a bearing immaculate in grace

It sends out waves of pure delight

What joy it is to watch the dilly dally

Of this sedate pilgrim moving to its destination




VALSA GEORGE is a retired professor from Kerala. After her successful career as a teacher, she took to poetry. She writes on a wide spectrum of topics spanning Nature, Love and Human relations. She has authored over 900 poems which she regularly posts in international poetry websites, reputed journals and literary publications. She has four volumes of poems to her credit- Beats, Drop of a Feather, Rainbow Hues and Entwining Shadows - the latter two available on One of her poems ‘A space Odyssey’ has been included in the CBSC syllabus for the 8th grade students in India in the years (2018- 20). Another poem ‘My Fractured Identity’ is prescribed for the undergraduate students (Voyagers) in Philippines.


  1. Love your poem" A poet in the making" "sparkling love" is beautifully romantic, expressive and emotionally caressing.

  2. Thanks a lot dear poet friend Lidia....for reading my poems !