Friday, October 1, 2021







anger like flowing lava

sweeps the thoughts

under the feet of murderers

a blood-fed stone boils

a constant scream

splays the eyelids of the blind

pierces the ears of the deaf

supports the sky over the debris

full of toys

from which the heat has evaporated


Translated By Artur Komoter


What Can A Girl


six pairs of strong arms

then they threw away the cloth

bodies on the verge of thoughts

they tried very hard

not to be human

they drove a bus

full of screams

into the life of the world

now they boogie in the light

they look into the eyes of cameras

and deny the smell

of blood under the fingernails


Translated By Artur Komoter


No One Calls Out


one bread slice in the pocket

some delusions for later

for dreams

for greater hunger

I'll open

the doors finally

I'll check

if the window is not lying

I'll throw

some more poems into the fireplace


Translated By Dominika Anna Gałęska




increasingly greedy

life is not enough

time is too short

world too small

and yet

there is a crowding cosmos

inside of you


Translated By Dominika Anna Gałęska




MAŁGORZATA T. SKWAREK-GAŁĘSKA: Poet and librarian, born in Poland, lives in Lodz, the third-largest city in Poland, located in the central part of the country. Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. Among the poetry books published: 'Biała róża-to senne marzenie', 'Dom na gruzach bajki', 'Zza zakrętu', 'Mosty bez poręczy', '..i..”, 'BALETnice', 'Etiuda' "Rzeczywistość", "Codzienne i niecodzienne = Alltägliche und nicht alltägliche". She organizes literary meetings and cultural projects in schools, libraries and houses of culture.



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